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High speed car ride run jump drunk actress driver alarm police night search

2018-11-06 20:52 beijing evening news TF011

Drunk, jumping, night running speed...... This absurd plot, even the writers did not dare to write, even the director did not dare shoot! But this breathtaking scene, took place in the permanent high peak road, and this female passenger is really an actor!

Video screenshot

November 5th at 1 pm, Panan County Public Security Bureau police station received 110 orders, new said one female passenger in the vicinity of Zhuyong Expressway Shuangfeng section opened the door and jumped out of the car, running on the highway, then disappeared. After the alarm, the new police patrol police brigade, and a total of more than 10 people rushed to the scene disposal.

Master Yang alarm. He told the police, they a total of 4 people, the passengers are carpool intend to go to Dongyang Hengdian, did not know each other.

When he was driving to the permanent high section of Shuangfeng, a female passenger on board suddenly opened the door and jumped up and ran on the highway. "I drove up to the door she suddenly found on the right side, my warning lights on the car lights, I immediately slow down, then she would have jumped......"

Monitoring at the time to restore the scene: a white car driving to the road, side side reducer, right rear door open, a woman jumped down from the door, is on the edge of the big trucks roaring past. Then the woman across the highway, from outside the fence and jumped down......

When the car of the people are ignorant, the driver Yang drove to the nearest exit of Panan immediately dialed phone alarm 110.

While the police patrol police arrange search through video surveillance, while the driver described the passengers to get off the point to focus the search. Night visibility is low, to increase the difficulty of the search.

Finally, through the efforts of everyone, she was found in the slope of highway guardrail. Unexpectedly, after seeing the police, she began to run in the opposite direction. Then, all the police immediately followed a few road, to ensure the safety of the situation, she will hold. The police found the passengers an alcohol, and, after a preliminary investigation, ruled out the possibility of criminal cases.

It is understood that the passenger surnamed Li, usually in the town of Hengdian when the swarm. In the afternoon, Lee due to recent work and life is unpleasant to drink a lot of wine, because they have the market, ready to return to Xiangshan from Hengdian at night, on the Internet about the carpool. On the way, she was at odds with the "cluster head" on the phone, the impulse is such a ridiculous move.

Subsequently, the police will be Lee to Panan County People's Hospital, but Lee refused to accept the inspection, the police and the doctor's advice, Lee finally agreed to check. After the initial diagnosis, Lee only minor skin trauma, in order to ensure the safety of the police, she was sent to Hengdian temporary residence.

Police remind

Life is not a game, life is not a rehearsal. Ride on the highway and the traffic should be in good health travel, avoid alcohol, drugs travel travel, do not make a ridiculous thing and a lifetime of regret. As adults, we should take into account their behavior and influence the behavior of the following. In such circumstances, if the circumstances are serious or adverse consequences, will bear legal responsibility.



Source: Beijing evening news comprehensive: Panan public security, FM93 voice traffic, Qianjiang Evening News

Editor: TF011

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