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This boy dog leash also beat the child care mother Hangzhou police said

2018-11-06 20:33 beijing morning post TF011

Today, Ms. Xu users in the online posting said, without a rope dog barking at her son, for the protection of children, she uses her feet to drive the dog, the dog owner was beaten......

Ms. Xu, she is Jiangsu Xuzhou people, 34 years old this year, working in Hangzhou for many years, was the mother of two children.

More than 7 points in November 3rd evening, just after a meal before long, and her 3 year old daughter and 6 year old son in the district south gate walk.

At that time, a loose fat pug dog rope suddenly rushed over, began frantically chasing her son.

"Mom save me, save me!" Ms. Xu came to the front of the child instinct to protect him, then his feet off the dog.

At this time the dog hostess has been watching from a distance, the dog still barking at them. Ms. Xu shouted toward each other, "after the dog can keep a dog on!"

After the dog men stormed over, she pointed to scold: "this dog is my son, do you play it?!"

Ms. Xu said: "the dog scared my child, you managed to put the dog on the rope, can have the quality?"

Listen to this, immediately pinched her neck, Xu lady according to front engine in the car on the cover, with his fist hit her, slap her, hit her head, the children scared crying beside.

The man in the process of pushing Miss Xu, also put two children down at the edge of the car.

According to Ms. Xu, man in the first fight after her, take the time to scold: "you are a stranger, you have these people get out of Hangzhou, local people also want to provoke me, you do not look at a few pounds..."

Ms. Xu is afraid of scaring children, thinking to take them away from here.

However, they just turned the body when walking, the man again rushed to her dispute and then move hands.

Ms. Xu said, the man put her down on the play, "my two children have looked at the side, when my 3 year old daughter, he sat on me about punch, side beaten side scold, hard slap me, my head and face with his fist against the the beat."

"When the child stood, her daughter has been scared. The spot, son was scared at a loss what to do has always been there, my daughter cried. At that time there are onlookers, I just love my child at that moment is so hopeless and scared."

Other men after stopping, Ms. Xu called the 6 year old son called home upstairs and put down, and then ask the neighbors to borrow a mobile phone called the police.

A few minutes later, Ms. Xu's family arrived, again and the other dispute, Ms. Xu's husband saw her daughter has been crying on the side, also have to work with each other. Finally, the neighbours both opened.

In the evening, Ms. Xu went to the hospital to shoot the film, her ring finger fracture, multiple contusions.

Ms. Xu said, the doctor said her fingers even better, also may lose part of the function of deformity.

Ms. Xu said at last:

These days, I am 6 years old son refuses to talk about the events of the day, the mood is very unstable, sleep at night dreaming is crying, shouting don't call my mother. This is a day of class the teacher said that he has been in a daze, completely different with the previous state of mind. The past is a lively look, these two days are rarely seen even the smile, bow fiddle dinner and sat there, even scream to come back. My daughter said that things that fear through the intersection when the incident will be small voice said her mother's hand is broken here is bad.

I think I didn't do anything wrong, there is no harm to them for a mother just a tiny bit, the instinct to protect their children. Now the face of the child and family, I have to force myself up, smiled and said nothing, the police will just deal with the. When the family can not see quietly wipe tears, I do not believe that the wicked could ever be unpunished!

Several neighbors confirmed that the incident

This morning, the reporter came to the incident area, in front of the real estate intermediary staff confirmed the situation.

According to the district near the South Gate of Yi Real Estate Staff Wang said, he called at the door at the time, suddenly heard the sound of a quarrel, but in the noisy did not pay attention to what. Then I saw a man angrily to a woman on the hood of the car. His girlfriend was wearing gray pajamas, standing on the side but did not say what.

Wang is not in the past, they rushed to pull the man, but did not move. "Two people have great anger, intertwined, I almost stayed for two or three minutes."

This time, the man's girlfriend also came up. Finally will be opened two, this time, the man said: "you show me your ID card, ah, why you come to Yuhang, I get out of Yuhang."

Then, the man to the 5 direction is to monitor the right, the woman went to the left. The two walked in scold, just listen to the woman said: "you this dog like people, quality is so bad."

Wang advised, going back to the store cleaning. This time, the city housing network small Sheng just to work, see the man ran, the woman. The men hugged the woman's neck, threw her to the ground, hand on the woman's neck and shoulders. Xiao Sheng looked very angry, and caught the man skirts: "do you want to make a fight with me."

This man hand, woman said to the police. The man said to the police report, and then left.

The reporter also asked a lot of neighbors in the vicinity, they know this thing, the neighbors think of the situation at the time, could not help but shed tears......

The police beat: basic facts can be determined

This morning, the police said the reporter also contacted the police station before, because bin, surveillance video, beating the basic facts can be determined. The police have informed the parties of injury identification, the batterer has been summoned to the police station for further investigation of the former warehouse, meeting in the afternoon.

At noon today, the Hangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, Yuhang District Public Security Bureau informed that November 3rd at 19:24 PM, Yuhang police station received the alarm before bin Xu said that night the streets in a district warehouse before being beaten. The police rushed to the scene, after a preliminary understanding, the informant Xu (female, 34 years old) in the district and Kim (male, 31 years old) and his girlfriend Xie Moumou (female, 24 years old) altercation due to the other dog without rope to scare a child Xu Xu, after a beat. At present, Yuhang police have accepted the case in accordance with law, is under investigation. The relevant follow-up will be announced.



Source: Beijing morning comprehensive | city express, BYD

Editor: TF011

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