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Insurance is the judicial auction Shiba denden has just been dog owners to pay 60 thousand yuan ransom

2018-11-06 20:22 beijing evening news TF011

Due to popular judicial auction Shiba denden destiny attention. The reporter has just learned from the Chaoyang Court, because denden master has settled the fees and charges and foster food, and foster denden Pet School denden situation tentatively agreed upon the application of pet school, Beijing Chaoyang Court decided to postpone the "denden" judicial auction. The bidder has to pay the deposit will be refunded by the auction platform.

The reporter learned from the Chaoyang Court, October 31st, Denden Master Mr. Shaw and the executive judge through a long-distance telephone communication, the afternoon of November 1st will be 63310 yuan a one-time account into the court execution, foster fees, fees have been fully settled.

In November 5th, foster denden pet school offered to suspend judicial auction application to the court, said it had reached a preliminary intention and Mr. Shaw, the school will continue to take care of the pet denden during two months, Mr. Shaw will return to personally pick up denden. To this end, Mr. Shaw has prepaid cost.

Because Mr. Shaw has fulfilled all the obligation, and the board and school board or pet reached a preliminary agreement, Chaoyang Court decided to suspend the denden judicial auction.

Today morning, to pay a deposit before the auction bidders have received Ali message, "said a Japanese adult Shiba subject matter has been suspended" auction, the deposit will be refunded within 1-5 working days. A bidder said, landing Alipay can be found, 50 yuan previously due to pay a deposit and frozen thawed.

The executive judge Zhang Wei told reporters, in the media and Internet users enthusiastic attention, through the network judicial auction, foreign body in the Denden Master Mr. Shaw is active to settle all debts, timely performance of the judgment of the court, has made significant progress in the implementation of the case.

"Currently, the case will have a happy ending, pet school's realization of the legitimate rights and interests, denden will also return to the" original family own "." Zhang Wei said, Mr. Shaw picked denden, the court will formally withdraw the judicial auction.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zhang Lei

Editor: TF011

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