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Love four years Beijing guy was fake girlfriend cheated 880 thousand other people have been routine"

2018-11-06 19:25 beijing evening news TF011

Mr. Ma did not think of how, in his nearly four years of lovers, even in defrauding 88 yuan after suddenly disappeared. And not only cheated Ma, Mr. Yang Kang was also the same routine for 4 million yuan. Today, the reporter learned from the Huairou court, Kang for fraud was sentenced to 10 years and 8 months, deprived of political rights for 1 years and fined 20 thousand yuan.

Feng Chenqing

In 2009, Beijing School Mr. Ma met Wang Xiaobei "Jiayuan online," Wang Xiaobei "claiming to be the school to university teachers. Two people know more than a month later, began to get along as lovers.

But in fact, "Wang Xiaobei is the true identity of Kang, unemployed, had never lived in Beijing, has been living in his hometown of Shandong. Even the marriage photo on the site, are Kang in the online free search upload.

"In the beginning, in fact did not get it from him what is known, after have a good chat." To love yourself and Mr. Ma, Kang explained it, at first she did not get money in mind, but Mr. Ma generous, often offered to help her buy items, Kang will take advantage of promise.

But every time Mr. Ma proposed meeting, "Wang Xiaobei" is the people in the home, grandma is ill reason not to see. In the two fell in love for four years, "Wang Xiaobei" in succession because of medical treatment for the elderly, the family needed money he was suffering from bone cancer, such as the reason to ask for money, Mr. Ma will continue to remit 58 yuan.

Until 2012, Mr. Ma graduated from the military academy was assigned to work in Shanghai, taking into account the girlfriend to work in Beijing, Mr. Ma will want to mobilize the work. Kang said the "Godfather" can help the operation, Mr. Ma and give 300 thousand yuan of money to Jiang hui. But a few months later, still no news, the mobile phone has been shut down.

At this time, Mr. Ma has not yet realized that he cheated, until he found jobs, "Wang Xiaobei network account" some real name authentication is Kang, which was reported to the police. Almost at the same time alarm and Mr. Yang Kang, he was in the same way of defrauding more than 4 yuan.

Kang public security organs in the confession that she does not really want to and the two met online "boyfriend" fall in love and get married. In the home, Kang also contacts with other boyfriend, cheat money have been spending her time.

The procuratorial organs in Kang alleged fraud, the prosecution to the Huairou court. In court, Jiang pleaded guilty penalty, but argued that he did not deliberately to two "boyfriend" ask for money, all the other initiative is to give her money.

After the trial, Huairou Kang court found guilty of fraud, sentenced to imprisonment for 10 years and 8 months, deprived of political rights for 1 years and fined 20 thousand yuan, Kang and ordered restitution to victims of economic losses totaling more than 92 yuan.



Source: Beijing evening news reporter Liu Suya

Editor: TF011

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