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Cherish every leaf of Beijing Xilin field held in the capital of the fall forest tending voluntary tree planting activities.

2018-11-06 18:53 Beijing Evening News - North night vision network TF007

November 6, 2018 morning, more than 120 Taiwan Mentougou Town, braving the cold into the big city west of the capital - Xishan National Compulsory tree planting base responsible Beijing Xilin, attended by the office, the capital Afforestation Committee of Beijing green foundation, Mentougou District green office, Beijing Beijing Xilin field and other units jointly sponsored the "cherish the beautiful scenery of ecological conservation Beijing Beijing Xilin field resources capital fall forest tending voluntary tree planting activities". They were carried out in the forest for the trees, pruning branches, painted white, clean sanitation, woodland expansion remained clear forest fuel tending activities, the office of the capital Afforestation Committee awarded the "certificate for conscientious conscientious planted trees people".

The event. Taiwan Mentougou district public streets on behalf of Zhang Xu to the people of Beijing issued a "love green start from the side" initiative, calling on the public to actively participate in voluntary tree planting responsible activities, take care of Daxishan, care for each piece of green, cherish each seedling, care for the environment, community greening, begin from me, start from the side, make joint contribution to the quality improvement of the ecological environment of the capital."

Beijing Beijing Xilin head Su Weiguo said in his speech, Beijing Xilin field in March 2017 was the first Green Office identified as municipal capital duty compulsory planting base, Beijing is the largest state-owned forest farm. The total forest area of 174 thousand and 600 acres, the forest coverage rate of 38%, greening rate of 88%. The forest is located in the remote mountainous areas, high altitude, slope, operation road bumpy, water and electricity is difficult, but we do not forget the beginning of the heart, to overcome difficulties, especially welcome people to fulfill their civic duty, to participate in various forms of duty activities, promote the whole society attention, support and participation are the first landscape construction.

The office of the capital afforestation committee deputy inspector Liu Qiang said in his speech, in June last year, the National Afforestation Committee issued a "responsible form of compulsory planting management measures", will be responsible for the expansion of the form of voluntary tree planting afforestation, tending, natural protection, and infrastructure construction, recognize adoption, volunteer service, donated a total of 8 other forms form. The capital Afforestation Committee to divide it into 37 specific duties, today's "forest tending activities" to "tending" in the form of a conscientious content, purpose is also to no dead generalization of eight kinds of duties in the form in the capital region of the "full coverage", the "duty of the voluntary tree planting" and "normalization". He hoped that the Mentougou district actively promote conservation area positioning, enhance the integration of all kinds of green mining resources, mobilize the masses of citizens in various forms is responsible, green full of JINGWAH, to build a harmonious world-class livable capital contribution.

In the event, representatives of the public and community workers from Taiwan Street eight community neighborhood committees themselves together, walked into the forest, a group of 2-3 people, waving tools dry up. Is the number of wood painted white Muchengjian neighborhood social worker Wang Min said, Daxishan is an old mine, forest green is very important for Xishan greening very happy today. Master Zhang double red neighborhood miners said more than 50 year old offspring, can work for the life of the old mining area greening point out, a rare opportunity, just know today for the trees with white can fulfill their civic duty, responsible for green, some painted several trees. At noon, the citizens were more than 200 trees painted white, 100 tree pruning, clean combustible 200 square meters, pick up garbage bag 20.

Beijing Xilin field was founded in January 12, 2017, is a public service directly under the Beijing Municipal Bureau of landscape and a kind of institution, is located in the west of Beijing Taihang Mountain deep across between Mentougou and Fangshan, located in Taiwan, Daanshan, Changgouyu, Zhu Wo, Yanchi and Henan stations and two inclined seven forest area. Operating a total area of 174 thousand and 600 acres, is the largest area in Beijing, the longest span of the state-owned forest farm. The highest point in the area for Zhaitang mountain, elevation 1610 meters, rare acres of Larch Plantation in North China mountain distribution. In addition to the annual Taiwan region and other activities will be furuhata.

One of the organizers of the activities of the Beijing green fund belongs to public funds. The establishment of 21 years, social mobilization, the total funds raised and real Yiyiyu yuan, funded public greening projects nearly 100, more than 15 acres of afforestation and desertification control, Beijing raise funds for greening, carry out social propaganda, promote the development of the capital green important organization. Beijing green foundation is responsible for representing recognized species of adoption supervise acceptance of project activities.


This article source: Beijing Evening News - North night vision network

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