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Beijing 100 old district heating renovation completed list is there in your family?

2018-11-06 19:06 beijing evening news TF011

The reporter from the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Beijing 100 old district heating pipe network transformation has been completed. This winter, the residents of these areas will experience a new warmth.

Outside the pipeline before reconstruction

After the transformation of the pipeline network

900 thousand square meters of clean heating

It is reported that the completion of the district heating pipe network renovation project, is one of the 2018 municipal government practical projects. From this year the heating season, the heating area will be clean. The project will achieve 900 thousand square meters of clean heating, benefiting 108 thousand residents. The project is put into use, can effectively eliminate the network security risks of old city heating, energy saving, energy saving of about 8-15%, and improve the quality of heating, to enhance the security level of capital supply.

"Some of the old district heating pipeline extended service, serious aging, pipeline leaking and other issues, not only a waste of energy, affect the heating effect, there are security risks." Municipal Development and Reform Commission relevant responsible person said that since the beginning of 2008, Beijing city began on stage, in the old heating pipe network transformation. To 2015 years, the city's total renovation of the old heating pipe network 4400 kilometers, about 1900 years before the construction of the old district 1990 completed the transformation.

2016, Beijing to launch a new round of old network transformation plan. In order to accelerate the implementation of the task of transformation, municipal development and Reform Commission a clear municipal government fixed asset investment subsidy policy; on the other hand, under the premise of legal compliance, further streamlining the approval process, to speed up the progress of project approval.

2016 years to 2018 years, municipal development and Reform Commission to complete heat group and the total 18 of old heating pipe network transformation project approval work, allocated a total fixed asset investment subsidies municipal government 5.4 billion yuan.

Before the transformation of thermal power station

After the transformation of thermal power station

2000 years after the completion of residential standards for transformation

For the district heating pipe network transformation is elected? The responsible person said, for 2000 years (including) the old heating pipeline before the construction of residential quarters, to comply with the relevant requirements.

Among them, the relevant standard thermal heating area of the city group is: heating facilities, unclear ownership or ownership units to investment transformation, can be included in the scope of reform, by the heat of the group to organize the implementation of the transformation, after the transformation by heating group unified management; ownership units for heating facilities, city heat group, by its own organizational transformation not included in the scope of reform.

Other relevant standards of central heating area is: heat facilities (of boiler, heat exchanger) renovation project ownership clear, can be included in the transformation range; renovation project ownership is not clear, to clarify the ownership or sign a long-term contract (contract surplus heating operation period in more than 10 years), can be included in the the scope of reform.

In 2000 after the construction of the residential area, which belongs to the heating pipeline corrosion serious, serious impact on the quality of heating, the city and district city management committee agreed to be included in the scope of reform.

A list of 100 of the old district heating pipe network transformation project



Source: Beijing evening news reporter Yin Chengyue

Editor: TF011

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