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Cover escape penalties for illegally parked car clothing? Lionel messi! Is the west of Beijing traffic detachment fined 200 yuan 12

2018-11-06 17:32 Beijing daily client TF003

Today (November 6th), West traffic detachment penalties for illegal parking cover car clothing.

The car cover can be freely inserted, illegal parking, escape punishment? It was gone! 6 pm, Beijing traffic control department in the west area to carry out law enforcement, a number of illegal Lane covered with cars, clothes and cars were qingtuo, the owner will face a fine of 200 yuan, recorded 12 points penalty.

6 afternoon, Fuyoujie traffic brigade, West traffic brigade to carry out joint enforcement, with the number of police wardens, security personnel road inspections, found illegal parking on the street, especially reflect the strong public car cover clothing to stop illegal behavior punishment.

At around 15 in the West Fourth Street South East side alley courtyard, a covered car clothing parked side by side cars into the law enforcement personnel of sight. Reporters learned that the two car location with power facilities, inconvenience, maintenance of construction at the same time, let the narrow alley more cramped, leaving only a car scraped through space.

"Towed!" In the traffic police under the command of less than ten minutes, two vehicles for illegal parking has been lifted to the Yellow forklift truck trailer, police car parked in the original position of the transport team left the phone, facilitate owners to accept the punishment. "Motor vehicle on the road, parking is not allowed to block the plate." Fuyoujie Transportation Battalion Meng Kunyu introduced only in fixed parking spaces, parking lot parking car can cover clothing, like this garment cover illegal parking on the road, all in accordance with the covered vehicle, fined 200 yuan 12."

Only one hour, the traffic control department in West Fourth North Street qingtuo illegal parking for 11 vehicles, 45 tickets to paste. For some businesses, residents with law enforcement officers guerrilla phenomenon, Meng Kunyu introduced, the traffic control department will carry out fixed position, all-weather law enforcement campaigns, further squeezing the illegal space.

Author: Sun Hongyang

Photograph: Wu Di

Producer: Chen Yan

Editor: Xie Yongli

Source: Beijing daily client

Edit process: RB003

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