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The man in the Xian rentiao routine, met a few hours before midnight about wine, fraud Gang arrested

2018-11-06 17:21 beijing evening news TF010

Playing a game of Xian rentiao, also forced the victim through mobile phone transfers, both leave clues and evidence. Tongzhou police notified the afternoon, 4 from all over the country and to the "about to meet friends, then began to robbery" means of committing the crime, there are police robbery and criminal detention.

13 August 10 0 am, Tongzhou Majuqiao Public Security Bureau police station received the alarm ma. Mr. Ma through a social software understanding a woman, just a few hours, the other about his dinner, but when Mr. Ma came to the agreed place, see is a strange man, first got a cuff and kick, at the request of the other party and then forced to, through social software transfers 300 yuan.

After receiving the report, police station police and Criminal Investigation Bureau deployed to carry out detection, by tracing the suspect's accounts receivable, first determine the identity of one of the suspects, 22 year old Tang Moumou from Gansu. After further work, the police found him a foothold in Chaoyang District Xiaohongmen apartment. 11 1 August 12 pm, Tang Moumou was arrested.

Based on the review of Tang Moumou, the police have mastered the other three suspects identity information and temporary address, on the same day, but also has the suspect Moumou (male, 32 years old, Jiangsu province), Shumou (female, 23 years old, Heilongjiang province), Wei Moumou (female, 24 years old, Gansu people) all three people arrested, Chen Moumou, Wei Moumou did not think the relationship between husband and wife, husband and wife two people together to commit the crime.

According to the 4 suspects confessed that they are registered account of a social networking software, all marked for women and women picture frame, looking for targets of crime in social software, only a short time through Internet chat after dinner, will take the initiative to meet each other. On the other side agreed to the appointment, Chen Moumou, Tang Moumou and others in advance to the agreed place waiting to determine the identity of the other party, after the threat of the use of language, beatings and other means of robbery, and then, the other mobile phone in the chat information deleted, in order to avoid combat.

Four suspects on suspicion of robbery has been Tongzhou police criminal detention.



Source: Beijing Evening Post Enron

Editor: TF10

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