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Look at the keyboard man! The man was sent bursts of 3 illegal, police detained 5 days at micro-blog

2018-11-06 17:28 Surging news TF010

November 6th morning, Hubei Xiangyang Public Security Bureau Public Information Network Security Supervision Detachment official micro-blog issued notification that a man in Xiangyang for driving bus lanes occupied was fined 50 yuan, and then in micro-blog for three consecutive days of abusive Xiangyang police administrative detention for 5 days.

Bulletin, November 1st 6 pm, Xiangyang Tang car in the Fancheng District People's road, Changhong Road intersection, free to take the bus lane, after the police patrol found the Tang not according to the provisions of lane violations punishable by a fine of 50 yuan penalty, Tang a disgruntled, 3 consecutive days issued 4 micro-blog abusive law enforcement officers.

Informed the figure shows that in November 1st the man sent micro-blog said Xiangyang police "eat nothing," November 2nd micro-blog curse again in November 3rd micro Bo Xiangyang traffic police, abusive police, also known as "not to death in several Xiangyang traffic police, to vent my hate".

On the same day, @ Xiangyang police patrol law enforcement in Tang micro-blog commented that the Internet users to report, the Internet users in the micro-blog of Xiangyang traffic police issued several insulting, threatening remarks, constituted the trouble, you are expected to delete and surrendered to the public security organs to accept the deal, the people's police and auxiliary police official duties according to law is sacred can be violated, penalties for traffic violations in order to safeguard the social public security. At the same time, the network is not outside the law, any person must abide by the laws and regulations, not to defy the law.

Informed that, in November 3rd, the police summoned tang. After investigation, Tang of the micro-blog abusive police confessed. At present, Tang was arrested for affray by Fancheng public security bureau according to administrative detention for 5 days.



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