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Beijing will improve the government performance evaluation of public hospitals: for the proportion of special needs services does not exceed 10%

2018-11-06 17:06 beijing evening news TF008

Recently, the municipal government organized health and Family Planning Commission and other relevant departments to study and draft the "establishment of a modern hospital management system of Beijing city implementation plan", and in 2018 years officially issued 25 August 10. Today morning, the Beijing municipal health and Family Planning Commission on the implementation plan. Beijing city health and Family Planning Commission deputy director Zhong Dongbo said, in the future, public hospitals will enjoy greater autonomy, with greater vitality, improve operational efficiency. At the same time, the patient will enjoy a higher quality of medical service, the patient's medical health service experience safer, more comfortable, can get better control of medical expenses.

The proposed scheme, to 2020, the city will be the basic form of safeguarding the public interest, arouse the enthusiasm of the public hospitals, to ensure the sustainable operation mechanism and decision-making, execution and supervision of mutual coordination and mutual restriction, the governance mechanism of mutual promotion, to promote public hospital management standardization, meticulous and scientific, the basic establishment of clear responsibilities, management science, improve governance, efficient operation, effective supervision of modern hospital management system target. That adhere to the people's health as the center, and earnestly safeguard the welfare of public hospitals, adhere to the scientific governance and governance according to law, unified guidance and encourage the basic principle of exploration and innovation.

Leadership - hospital pilot salary system

"Implementation plan" from the perspective of prominent public hospital held the main institutional arrangements. The modern hospital management system is the goal of public hospital reform, institutional arrangements made by the government to the public hospital as the organizers. Documents in the country based on the principle of Beijing city "implementation plan" highlights the main line; improve the performance outstanding goals in the maintenance of public welfare foundation. In the content from the two dimensions of governance and management system, to make comprehensive arrangements, adhere to the priority of governance.

In terms of governance, highlighting the public hospital leadership role and the selection and appointment of incentive and restraint. To promote the specialization and occupation of hospital management is the core of modern hospital management system, it is also the key to improve the performance of public hospitals. In the leadership of public hospital selection, outstanding professional management requirements, have both ability and political integrity, expand employment, adhere to all corners of the country, by timely exploration of global recruitment. To strengthen the professional training of leaders of public hospitals, the establishment of hospital management personnel training system, guarantee sufficient supply of excellent hospital management personnel; outstanding hospital scientific management, specialization and modernization.

To strengthen the incentive mechanism of the leadership of the hospital staff, carry out the leadership of public hospital salary system pilot, according to the target and mission requirements, establish basic gradient leadership staff in public hospital salary system on performance appraisal, the implementation of dynamic adjustment of salary standard leadership, and to explore the subsidies through public finance channels.

- improve the government performance appraisal of public hospitals

The implementation of the proposed scheme, we should strengthen the supervision of the hospital. Strict control of public hospital beds in size and construction standards and equipped with large medical equipment. The basic duty to care and promote people's health for public hospitals, strictly control the scale of special services, to provide the special service ratio does not exceed 10%. To improve the government performance evaluation system of public hospitals, the hospital personnel orientation, social benefits, medical services, economic management, training and other aspects, the establishment of a public welfare oriented, public hospital evaluation system to the quality safety, service efficiency, cost control, energy saving and emission reduction as the main content, the evaluation results in a certain within the scope of the public.

It is reported that the city hospital performance evaluation results have been achieved directly with the hospital management linked to the main party leaders, for two consecutive years as party secretary, Dean of the lowest level of the public hospital to be removed.

In the "implementation plan" to strengthen the construction of medical ethics

In the management system, proposed solutions from the ten aspects of the scientific decision-making and democratic management, strategic management, quality and safety management, financial asset management, personnel salary management, scientific research management, staff education, information management, logistics management, operation and service management guidance requirements, and asked the hospital to pay more attention to management innovation. Study at home and abroad to introduce advanced management ideas and methods.

"Implementation plan" to strengthen the construction of medical ethics; according to the cadres and dangguanrencai principle, strengthen the team management and personnel work; increase the content of improving the mechanism of public participation in public hospitals, proposed to explore the establishment of public participation under the leadership of the Party committee, in order to better respond to the needs of the public, enhance the level of public governance the hospital, embody social governance principles.

- patient satisfaction scores rose 92.6 points

Statistics show that the Beijing Municipal Hospital Authority since its inception in 2011, explored the performance appraisal of the municipal public hospital, and achieved success. The satisfaction of patients from 85.96 in 2012 to 92.6 in 2017 increased year by year. City hospital authority organization of the municipal hospital for two consecutive years to implement improvement of medical service action, promote the development of Beijing Tong Medicine Registration, hospital navigation, outpatient nursing service, to provide a series of convenient measures for patients, patients are welcome. At the end of September this year, the Beijing hospital registration platform to complete the 15 million 620 thousand of the total number of passengers booking with recommended waiting period accurate to 30 minutes, the municipal hospital overall booking rate has reached 88%.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Jia Xiaohong

Editor: tf008

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