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Life is not a game! Hengdian actress on the high jump out of the vehicle, the driver to see the ignorant

2018-11-06 16:50 qianjiang evening news TF010

Drunk, jumping, night running highway......

This absurd plot, even the writers did not dare to write, even the director did not dare shoot!

But this breathtaking scene, occurred in the morning of Zhuyong highway.

A little early this morning, Jinhua high-speed traffic police detachment three brigade police received a master said:

His car driving to Zhuyong Expressway to the direction of Zhuji peaks near the car, a female passenger suddenly opened the door and jumped in the car, running on the highway, then people missing, emergency disposal!

After receiving the alarm, Jinhua high-speed traffic police detachment of three police brigade captain Xu Xizhong, Zhang Chao, Xu and Zhu Gaofeng joint rescue forces rushed to the scene.

Ride master surnamed cheng. He told the police that they were 4 people, the passengers on the bus from Ningbo to Xiangshan is to carpool intend to go to Dongyang to Hengdian, are not familiar with each other.

"The female passenger is around nine pm on the train, look over 20 years old, sitting in the back of the right by the door, did not what is abnormal, if more, say there are mosquitoes in the car, the car is too hot for a while and said to air conditioning......" History teacher said.

When he was traveling to the Zhuyong Expressway near Shuangfeng, a female passenger suddenly opened the door and jumped down, then ran up on the highway."

I did not know she had jumped out of the car, a little sign, I drove up to the door she suddenly found on the right side, my warning lights on the car lights, I immediately slow down, then she would have jumped......"

The driver Master Cheng after lingering fear that this scene, the other passengers in the car are ignorant!

Monitoring at the time to restore a scene: a white car driving to the road, side side reducer, right rear door open, a woman from the door and jumped down, is on the edge of the big trucks roaring past. Then the woman across the highway, from outside the fence and jumped down......

Highway traffic fast at low visibility, Master Cheng dare not to continue to chase, only the nearest export Panan alarm.

"After receiving the alarm, while we arrange for police patrol joint surveillance video search, while the driver described the passengers to get off the point of waiting for the night, because of low visibility, difficult to find." Jinhua high-speed traffic police detachment of the three battalion Xu Jingguan said.

After all the rescue personnel nervous and patiently looking for, they end up on the highway guardrail side slope in found her. "We found that the drunk female passengers, she suddenly became agitated, climbed high speed and ran on the hard shoulder. We immediately followed a few road, in ensuring the safety of the situation, she will hold."

A woman looks at the age of more than 20, his long legs dress collocation, the figure is very significant. Just because the car jumped out of the car from the ground, the mouth is broken, so face some blood.

Ironic is that until the police will help her car, this female passengers or in a drunken state, one would say "toilet", one would say "someone to bully her, then, female passengers were brought to the police station, the police.

It is understood that this female passenger surnamed Zhou, more than 20 years, is usually a figurant.

In the afternoon, Xiao Zhou to drink a lot of wine in Xiangshan, because the very next day to Hengdian Ganchang filming, ready at night from Xiangshan back to Hengdian, then hit the car ride.

The sober after she couldn't believe her at high speed to do these absurd things, if not the high-speed traffic police timely disposal, consequences be unbearable to contemplate.

Life is not a game,

Life is not a rehearsal!

High speed traffic police to remind

Ride on the highway and traffic should avoid drunken travel, after taking the drug to travel, do not make a ridiculous thing and a lifetime of regret.

As adults, we should take into account their behavior and influence the behavior of the following. In such circumstances, if the circumstances are serious or adverse consequences, will bear legal responsibility.



Source: Evening News

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