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The Association for "double eleven" cross-border online shopping consumer rights infringement.

2018-11-06 16:17 beijing evening news TF010

In recent years, the rapid growth of cross-border electricity trading volume, bring great convenience and more consumer choice for consumers. At the same time, there are problems against the interests of consumers online shopping is increasingly outstanding in the cross-border electricity supplier. In order to better safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, to further optimize the consumption environment, China consumer association with "double eleven" online shopping consumer transactions peak, to the public for cross-border online shopping business consumer rights infringement clues.

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The solicitation is mainly related to quality, safety, price, counterfeiting, measurement, contract, false propaganda, dignity and customer service service goods or service problems. Collection time is November 1, 2018 -11 month 30 days (in the order confirmation date), consumers through cross-border electronic business platform (including self-employed, third party merchants) cross-border online shopping consumption in the act against the interests of consumers.

The China Consumer Association consumer rights infringement clues carefulcombing. For consumers to reflect major and typical, common problems to be research and analysis, for consumers to reflect the strong urge to solve; focus on issues that expose criticism through the news media, and transferred to the relevant departments.

Consumers provide clues, to fill in the Name, mobile phone, landline (including area code); cross-border electronic business platform name, third party merchants (seller) product name, URL, order number, logistics records, customer service chat records; after the fact, the extent of damage, and the business process through the ditch; relevant screenshots or photos.



Source: Beijing evening news Yang Bin

Editor: TF10

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