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60th anniversary capital gas industry exhibition opening photo objects in the old Beijing people who still remember?

2018-11-06 16:20 beijing evening news TF015

The gas tank, the young man a few decades ago is not common, the gas regulator developed in 80s...... "The cause of reform and opening up 40th anniversary capital gas 60th anniversary" exhibition this morning in the Korea camp is located in Chaoyang District Beijing Gas Group Gas Institute opened

From 1958 to 2018, the capital of the gas industry, the vicissitudes of life, temper endeavour. The exhibition set up three exhibition, the exhibition exhibition, photography exhibition, exhibition workers painting material exhibition, showing a total of 330 pieces of pictures, exhibits nearly 100, 9 vehicles. A picture of precious historical pictures, a new sense of every old kind, a group of objective and detailed data shows 60 years gas man Dili endeavour, chase the dream forward.

Into the hall, traces the history of the picture and rich in kind, describing the development changes of capital gas industry, also let visitors feel proud. They said: the leadership of the party's reform and opening up, let the capital gas industry from scratch, writing a structural change of energy. Living in Beijing, and feel the life convenient, common progress and development of the city.

Beijing gas group party secretary, chairman Li Yalan of the cause of reform and opening up 40th anniversary capital gas review 60th anniversary "series of activities were introduced, she called every gas people should cherish good historic opportunities, bravely assumed the glorious mission, a firm stronger bigger state-owned enterprises" confidence and to forget the beginning of the heart, to reach new heights.

It is understood that the exhibition from now until the beginning of December.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Ye Xiaoyan

Editor: TF015

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