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Into the Expo Taiwan: like a raging fire said "no invitation to Cai Yingwen think?

2018-11-06 16:15 The observation of Changan TF008

The first International Expo in Shanghai Chinese import was like a raging fire. Chinese into the broad market, Chinese share development opportunities, from more than 130 countries, more than 3000 enterprises, more than 150 thousand of buyers, will show the atmosphere to a climax. In this one, there is a sound of bitterness and strong - "no invitation to come!"

Xinhua News Agency reporter Chen Fei photo map

According to Taiwan media reports, in the "open" as the theme of the event, although Taiwan funded enterprises also have hundreds of exhibitors, but Taiwan has not received any official invitation. These Taiwanese businessmen mostly through the mainland Taiwan Affairs Office, scheduled to enter the Taiwan association. Because of this, "does not emphasize the Taiwan enterprises in Taiwan factory", but scattered in various areas.

Why is this so embarrassing? As everyone knows the reason. Because the Cai Yingwen administration would persist in wilfully and arbitrarily, running in the "Taiwan independence" on the road, cross-strait trade and economic relationship recently continued cooling, and once fell to the freezing point. But even so, Cai Yingwen still turned a blind eye, and often Zoupian Jian Feng, in order to create a "leave the mainland, the DPP also can improve the economy" illusion.

As a result, dished out the "New South" policy, the "south" into "to" all over the world; "own money", the "allies" or lined off; all "prospective plan", the 6 public hearings but not the civil society open, become the DPP's "private business" four, from the public.

In fact, Taiwan has been the winner of cross-strait trade, every year to obtain considerable amount of trade surplus from the mainland, is an important water power of economic growth in Taiwan. It is reported that the cross-strait economic and trade relations between recovery and development for decades, 438 has accumulated non-financial enterprises to set up a company or agency, the amount of investment of nearly 22.35 million, 1.6 million to create jobs for the island. Cross strait trade from $46 million in 1978, has developed to nearly $180 billion in 2016. But this year? Take this into the Expo as an example, a total of more than 3000 exhibitors, Taiwan only a hundred, of which a geometric component, the eye can be found.

Taiwan authorities since the political barriers set and man-made obstacles, so that the entire Taiwan economy with paid a huge price. Because the "Taiwan independence" acts, mainland tourists to Taiwan this enthusiasm plummeted, many bulk purchases due to stagnation of the development of cross-strait relations and cancellation, the DPP also frequently in the cross-strait trade and goods trade has stuck, have hit on the Taiwan economy. According to Taiwan's "Ministry of economy" of the new export orders statistics show that in September this year from mainland China (including Hongkong) order amount of annual growth rate, only 1.3%, is the lowest in 26 months, close to zero growth.

But as "no invitation to" reunification is the common aspiration of people, can not represent the general trend, a few blocks a clown. "Once in the mainland to obtain market opportunities, you've got 1 / 3 of the world," the exhibition booth area of Taiwan in Taiwan enterprises responsible for this sentence, simple and direct.

In June this year, Taiwan MAC issued a document to all colleges and universities in Taiwan, requires full-time teachers in public and private universities, without permission, shall not participate in the National Open Fund and development plan, Taiwan and serving the public and private full-time teachers, shall not apply to the mainland taught. "But more restrictions on the more I want to stay in Taiwan, Cai administration personnel, also keep people", while the mainland side of the platform resources, and sincerity, one side is strong, the Taiwan authorities closed, we naturally know how to "vote with their feet".

9 months, China launched the "Hong Kong and Macao residents of residence, the DPP authorities do everything possible to obstruct, even threaten the people of Taiwan will not apply for once served as the major public, also at the alarmist --" Taiwan public once held a residence permit, the future will be required in the China Global income to pay personal income tax". But after all, who do not scare, according to CCTV news, as Beijing 9 3 April afternoon 5, just 3 days, the existing 9983 people in Taiwan to apply for.


All the choices, or can be regarded as a clear expression of the island's mainstream public opinion: the Taiwan authorities against the trend of unification, ignoring the people's real interests, no matter how frustrating, no pretense, can stop Taiwan enterprises to move closer to the mainland's footsteps, also cannot get the identity of Taiwan people.

At the moment the Taiwan campaign, former KMT chairman Zhu Lilun called on the DPP "with deep hatred and resentment over the past few years to fight political, but kill Taiwan, so the people of Taiwan to vote, we will no longer fight to fight economic, political". Of course, to fight on the fight, but all this must be built on top of what, I do not know whether the politicians have to understand, but can not really play out?


Source: Changan observation

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