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Parents attention! Toy crystal mud may cause poisoning. Beijing Children's Hospital now has many suspected cases.

2018-11-06 17:30. beijing evening news TF017

Yesterday, an online version of this popular toy caused more than one child poisoning. Please pass on the doctor's advice to everyone! "Become a" explosive text ", but also a" red toy "crystal mud pushed to the cusp.

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The author came home with a few guests, and some children made crystal clear mud in their fish tanks. After the little guest left, the writer cleaned the fish tank and bought several fish into the fish tank. The author thinks about it and remembers the addition of "borax water" in the production process of crystal mud. He speculated that the "borax" residue made by children in the fish tank is probably the culprit leading to the death of fish.

Is it possible to make borax poisoning with this soft, jelly like "crystal mud"? Liao Kun, deputy chief physician of the Beijing Children's Hospital emergency department, said she had seen some children suspected of borax poisoning in the emergency room, including "middle school students and primary school students." Liao Kun once saw a junior high school girl who had a rash on hand because of playing crystal mud. "From the symptoms described by parents and children, the rash should be contact dermatitis caused by borax." There are also some small children appear vomiting and other symptoms, because children's Hospital and many other medical institutions can not detect borax in the body, so it can not be diagnosed borax poisoning, but it also raised Liao Kun's vigilance.

One day, she found a friend's child playing with crystal mud. The child said that after the crystal mud was adjusted, it could be thrown down and hit hard. Liao Kun thought of the case of a girl with a rash who had received the call, and quickly stopped the child. "This is not a healthy toy." It is documented that borax can enter the body and produce boric acid with gastric acid, which may lead to acute poisoning. It usually manifests itself as vomiting and diarrhea. In addition, borax is a major hazard to the human body. Long-term exposure can accumulate slowly in the body, interfering with the digestive enzymes, causing loss of appetite and indigestion.

In the last two or three years, Liao Kun encountered nearly 10 cases of "crystal mud" suspected poisoning. To this end, Liao Kun reminded parents that when choosing toys for their children, they must choose the products that are formally qualified by the manufacturers.


Source: Jia Xiaohong, Beijing evening news reporter

Editor: TF017

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