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Parents pay attention to! Toys crystal mud may lead to poisoning is suspected case of Beijing Children's Hospital

2018-11-06 17:30 beijing evening news TF017

Yesterday, a popular online "this toy induced children poisoning! Please take the doctor's advice to all people! "Become" the explosion ", also a popular toy" crystal mud pushed in the teeth of the storm.

Data figure Xinhua News Agency for map

The author of the small guest house, several kids made clear in their own aquarium "crystal mud". After the guests left the small, simple cleaning tank, bought some fish in the aquarium, did not expect a few hours after the fish turned belly. The author recalls thinking, making the crystal mud add borax water "". He speculated that the children made crystal mud residue in the fish bowl "borax", is likely to cause the death of fish.

So, this soft, like a jelly crystal "mud", it may lead to borax poisoning? Deputy director of the Beijing Children's Hospital emergency department physician Liao Kun said, she really saw the suspected child borax poisoning in emergency, "middle school students and pupils have." Liao Kun has seen a junior high school girls, because playing lead crystal mud hand minister rash "described from parents and children's symptoms, rash should be caused by contact dermatitis of borax." There are some small children suffered vomiting and other symptoms, because children's Hospital and other medical institutions can not detect the presence of a borax, therefore cannot be diagnosed as borax poisoning, but it also let Liao Kun alert.

One day, she found a friend of children playing with crystal mud. The child said, after a good tune crystal mud can be hard to fall off, so learning tired, when is the decompression. Liao Kun thought that admissions had a rash of girls were to let the kids stopped, "this is not a healthy toy." The literature, borax into the body, can produce acid and acid, can cause acute poisoning, usually vomiting and diarrhea. In addition, the main body of borax harm is long-term exposure will slowly accumulate in the body, interference of digestive enzymes and cause loss of appetite, indigestion and other reaction.

"Crystal mud" suspected of poisoning cases in recent two or three years, Liao Kun met nearly 10 cases. To this end, Liao Kun remind parents choose toys for their children, be sure to choose the regular manufacturers through the relevant national inspection of products.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Jia Xiaohong

Editor: TF017

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