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Because the United States does not meet the requirements of maternal refund the first payment, the court suggested that foreign children is not easy

2018-11-06 16:09 beijing evening news TF010

Ms. Wang after pregnancy to birth in the United States, signed a contract with a Beijing specializing in this industry Consultation Service Co. Ms. Wang went to the United States as scheduled, but later that the company did not provide complete consulting services, after returning home, she will each taken to court, request a refund of payment service charges 60 thousand yuan. Tongzhou court after mediation, the company returned to court 4 million.

The two sides signed the contract in early 2017, the Consultation Service Co for her children in the United States customized service plan, the total price of 200 thousand yuan, including 60 days and 30 days after delivery, including the airport, the chefs provide meals, dinner less than four dishes and one soup, four times the bird's nest, a month of meals by professional nutritionists in charge of 19 month of meals and so on service. But Ms. Wang arrived in the United States found that nobody pick up, do not live Villa but ordinary apartments, also provide off-site cooking delicacy, but delivery. Subsequently, she contacted the local hotel, and take care of the subsequent production and labor, the center of the month, did not continue to accept the United States Consultation Service Co production service.

During the trial, the Consultation Service Co wants the court mediation between the parties, the company that has been provided to buy tickets and customs, advisory services, and she is not to continue to perform the contract, resulting in the company's arrangement vacancy loss. The two sides finally reached a settlement agreement, the United States Consultation Service Co returned to Ms. Wang service fee 4 yuan.

The judge suggested that some families want to go abroad to get a foreign nationality to children, but this option is not easy. If it is necessary to make this decision, we should also pay close attention to and strictly abide by the border and immigration policy, national law-abiding, to protect their own safety. Overseas service project survey is not easy, we should choose carefully.



Source: Beijing Evening Post Enron

Editor: TF10

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