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The black swan couple to Beijing Yuyuantan Park, playing in the lake is leisurely

2018-11-06 16:00 beijing evening news TF010

In November 6th, visitors surprised to find a pair of beautiful black swan couple is leisurely play in the Yuyuantan Park Lake, they sometimes stretched mouth on the embankment pecking, shoot water, and sometimes its bow combing feathers, red white stripes appear particularly elegant neck.

Yuyuantan colorful, clear lake glittering, black swan couple free swimming in Yuyuantan Park Lake, attracts many tourists. It is understood that in recent years, along with the park ecological environment is getting better and better, attracting more and more wild animal and birds here or in transit to rest or reproduce. The park staff also suggested that the majority of tourists, civilized watch, do not catch and catch them.



Source: Beijing Evening News Photo by Liu Ping

Editor: TF10

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