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2019 senior high school entrance examination online registration start complete integral according to who settled in the Beijing city household registration

2018-11-06 16:04 beijing evening news TF017

This morning, 8 30, 2019 senior high school entrance examination registration starts, and will continue until the end of 12 on 17. The arrangement in accordance with the Beijing education examination, the district will be completed within this time all eligible candidates registration work, arrange the examinee on-line registration time of not less than 3 days. It is worth noting that the integral settled in senior high school entrance examination enrollment completion before the end of the Suiqian children in the city according to the household registration examinee registration is not complete; settled, according to this city census register examinee registration, and integral settled children".

Data for photo: Liu Hang

At the time of registration, candidates need to login Beijing education examination website, open recruitment of senior middle schools in Beijing city online registration system "page, enter the examinee registration number and password to log in. After a successful login, if the password is the initial password or has been reset by the date of birth, candidates can enter the "change password" page modify. In the admissions examination yuan remind the person in charge of the registration number and password will be used for future screening, culture class scores of inquiries, voluntary reporting and admission results query; students and parents to promptly change the password and safekeeping. Forget the password, through two ways: one is to reset the password to reset the password for school; mobile phone number to bind the candidates, can also be reset by mobile phone verification code input.

After entering the system, candidates need to check the registration data and fill in the basic information is complete, correct, verify the correct and click "basic information to verify the correct, submit button. It is worth noting that marked with "*" data must be completed; "the registration number", "class" and "students", "school registration" cannot be modified; "the school" from the Beijing primary and secondary school students e-school management system extraction, the candidates can not modify, no school candidates this empty; candidate photos cannot be modified to change to contact with the school. In addition, to participate in the English examination candidates to choose whether to participate in the two test the first test for 2018 years 12 months 22 days and 2018 years 3 months 23 days; the first time I made out candidates can not participate in the two test.

The registration is completed, the school will print "registration confirmation, students and parents to print out the registration information to confirm the single sign on. If the change in the information, to print and sign to confirm again.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Niu Weikun

Editor: TF017

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