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The theme of the first Beijing Fair has been signed for about 50000000000 yuan in the morning.

2018-11-06 15:48. beijing evening news TF008

This morning, the Beijing Trading Group held the theme of "Beijing opening up Beijing's unlimited business opportunities - sharing high-end development market opportunities in Beijing" as the theme of the first China International Import fair. During the Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games in Beijing in 2022, 3 categories of 29 materials and 57 snowplows were released. Meanwhile, Daxing District revealed that it will build second airport free trade zones in Beijing, Beijing Daxing International Airport.

Total purchases exceeded 50 billion in the morning.

Liang Jingyuan, executive deputy director of the Beijing international service trade affairs center, said that today's activities are diverse in form, rich in content and outstanding in characteristics. There were guests' speeches, thematic dialogues, thematic referral and project signing.

The opening ceremony of the whole atmosphere, with the appearance of traditional opera, attracted more than twenty delegations from the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Finland, Serbia, Bahamas and Peru, and about 200 representatives from over 10 multinational companies including Tesla, WAL-MART, Schneider electric, SIEMENS, Bayer, DDT and so on.

The whole campaign focused on introducing the latest policies and measures to expand the opening up of Beijing's service industry, financial innovation and development, and promote the construction and development of the national innovation center, and the latest results of Beijing's optimization of the business environment.

At the scene of the event, Beijing enterprises and overseas enterprises signed contracts involving quality food, electronic equipment, health care, service trade and the Winter Olympic Games. The total amount of purchase was over 50 billion RMB.

New North show will be unveiled next year.

Sun Shuo, deputy chief executive of Xicheng District, said that financial technology is the kinetic energy and trend of the development of modern science and technology. In the new global economic development, more than half of the development of venture capital has been invested in financial science and technology. Among them, the development of financial technology is China and the United States as the forefront of the development of the two major countries.

After the "move batch" of Xicheng District has been cleared up, nearly 400 thousand square meters and 800 thousand square meters of vacant area are needed to find a new economic growth point.

People know that the richest street in China is Financial Street. China's most innovative village is in Zhongguancun. The North exhibition area between Xicheng District Financial Street and Haidian District Zhongguancun will be built into a Beijing financial science and technology demonstration area, which has both advantages in space and strong complementarity. "We plan to take a few years to achieve a region that matches the international standards and provides powerful support for the transformation of Beijing's new power."

At present, the North exhibition area is further planning for space and ground, and is in line with attracting foreign investment. At present, more than 10 leading domestic financial institutions and enterprises have been established. By the end of next year, when the building is renovated, it will appear in front of the world with a brand new look.

Winter Olympics turn into tournaments and service procurement

Li Yanling, Minister of Logistics Department of Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games and winter Paralympic Games Organizing Committee, said that procurement is a very important job to ensure the success of the Winter Olympic Games. The purchase of the Winter Olympic Games involves many aspects. As the first test competition approaches, our work is transferred to the service procurement organized by the event.

In terms of materials, there are 29 categories of 3 categories, such as furniture, technical equipment, office equipment and so on. There are also special materials, such as sports equipment. Some special materials, such as flowers, medals, and so on.

The purchase of large sports equipment is now being carried out, like snowplows. Preliminary statistics show that 57 units need to be purchased, sixty or seventy for snowmobile and for ice cars. "The holding of the Fair provides us with a good opportunity to learn and exchange, and also provides a good platform for collecting information from suppliers."

The free trade zone will be built at Daxing International Airport.

Wang Youguo, chief executive of Daxing District District, said that Daxing is the industrial location of the three cities and one district in Beijing. At the same time, it is also a gateway to the three cities in Beijing. In particular, the newly built international airport will be commissioned for trial operation next year. Therefore, Beijing has become a new source of power for China to expand its reform and opening up policy.

The introduction of Daxing International Airport this morning is mainly about the planning of the airport economy and the promotion of future industrial development. These include airport free trade zone construction and industrial landing, and construction of transport hub. The airport free trade zone, which is equipped with the International Airport, will become the second airport free trade zone in Beijing.

Du Zhiyong, deputy district head of Daxing District, said that at present, the terminal of the Daxing International Airport has been completed, and the interior decoration is being carried out. The airport is scheduled to be completed by the end of June 2019 and officially launched in October 2019. The airport is planned for 2025, with an area of about 27 square kilometers. The annual passenger volume will reach 72 million passengers, and the freight volume will reach 2 million tons. Long term planning to 2040, passenger volume will reach more than 100 million passengers, freight volume will reach 4 million, then will become one of the largest airports in the world.

In addition, according to the 2016-2020 year plan of the new airport airport economic zone in Beijing approved by the State Council, the core area of the airport economy is about 150 square kilometers, of which Beijing is about 50 square kilometers, and Hebei is about 100 square kilometers. The three major aviation logistics zones, technological innovation zones and service guarantee zones are planned. Beijing and Hebei will carry out the planning, construction and operation in accordance with the principle of "co construction, co management and sharing".


Source: Beijing Evening News correspondent Long Luwen and photo

Editor: tf008

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