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The first into the Expo theme activities of Beijing group has signed about 50000000000 Yuan morning

2018-11-06 15:48 beijing evening news TF008

Today morning, the Beijing municipal trade delegation to open Beijing - Beijing Unlimited Business Opportunities sharing the development of high-end market opportunities "as the theme of the Beijing theme activities held in the first Chinese international import expo. During the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and the winter Paralympic Games released 3 categories of 29 kinds of materials and 57 pressure snow machine procurement information. At the same time, Daxing District will be revealed in the construction of the Beijing Daxing International Airport Beijing Airport Free Trade Zone second.

Morning purchase amount totaled over 50 billion

Deputy director of the Beijing international service trade affairs center Liang Jingyuan introduced today, the activities in various forms, rich in content, prominent features, was brilliant. The activities in the guest speech, the theme of the dialogue, special promotion and project signing.

The opening film grand atmosphere, the traditional opera debut, attracting from the UK, Switzerland, Finland, Serbia, Bahamas, Peru, more than ten countries, foreign business associations and the delegation of Tesla, WAL-MART, Schneider electric, SIEMENS, Bayer, DDT and other multinational companies more than twenty representatives of about 200 people attended.

The focus of activities to participate in the activities of overseas merchants to promote a new round of Beijing service industry to expand the new policies and initiatives to open, financial innovation and development and promote the construction and development of the national innovation center, and the latest achievements of Beijing to optimize the business environment, and for overseas merchants to send policy integrated service package.

The event of Beijing enterprises and foreign enterprises signed to high-quality electronic equipment, food, health care, trade in services, as well as the Winter Olympics project contract, the total amount of procurement of more than 50 billion yuan.

At the end of next year, the new North Regional debut

Xicheng District vice mayor Sun Shuo introduction, financial technology is the trend of kinetic energy and the development of modern science and technology, in the new global economic development, from the trend of risk investment, more than half of the financial input to science and technology. Among them, the development of financial technology is Chinese and America as the two national development front.

In the "Xicheng District action grant relief, Teng quit nearly 400 thousand square metres and the remaining 800 thousand square meters area, need to find a new economic growth point.

People all know that most of the China street is Financial Street, Chinese the most innovative village in Zhongguancun. The north region between Xicheng District Financial Street and Haidian District Zhongguancun into the Beijing financial professional science and technology demonstration area, the existing space advantage, can achieve strong complementarity. "We are going to use a few years time, to achieve an international standard, and provide a strong impetus for the region in Beijing to support new power conversion."

At present, the north area is further ground and space planning, and out of sync with the investment. At present, there have been more than 10 domestic first-class financial institutions and industry institutions derived from enterprises. By the end of next year, the building decoration, will be in a new face appeared in front of the world.

The Winter Olympics events held to service procurement

Beijing Olympics and Paralympic Winter 2022 organizing committee secretary Li Yanling introduced the logistics, procurement is to protect the Olympic Games a very important job success. The Winter Olympics related to all aspects of procurement. As the first test match is approaching, our work into the tournament organized by the procurement service.

From the material, involving 3 categories of 29 kinds, among them as general materials furniture, technical equipment, office equipment etc.. There are special materials, such as sports equipment. Some special materials, such as the ceremony with flowers and medals.

There is large sports equipment procurement, like snow pressing machine, preliminary statistics 57 Taiwan need to purchase, snowmobiles to sixty or seventy vehicles, as well as pouring ice etc.. "Held into the Expo provides a very good opportunity to learn to communicate to us, also to collect supplier information provides a good platform."

Daxing International Airport will be built in the bonded area

Daxing District mayor Wang Youguo introduction, Beijing is the three City District of Daxing District in a bearing industry. At the same time as the three Beijing city planning a new portal portal. Especially the new international airport, is navigable test run next year. So the formation of Beijing, and even Chinese expansion of reform and opening up new sources of power.

Today morning Daxing International Airport is the main airport economy promotion, promotion planning and future development of the industry. Including the airport free trade zone construction and industrial construction projects such as landing, traffic hub. Supporting International Airport Airport Free Trade Zone, Beijing will become the second airport free trade zone.

Daxing District vice mayor Du Zhiyong introduction, at present, Daxing International Airport terminal has completed the ongoing internal decoration, the airport plan completed by the end of June 2019, formally opened in October 2019. The airport's recent plan to 2025, the construction area of about 27 square kilometers, the annual passenger volume will reach 72 million passengers, freight volume will reach 2 million tons. The long-term plan to 2040, passenger volume will reach more than 100 million passengers, freight volume will reach 4 million, will become one of the world's largest airport.

In addition, according to the State Council approved the "Beijing's new airport airport economic zone planning 2016-2020 years", the core area of the airport economic area of about 150 square kilometers, of which Beijing is about 50 square kilometers, Hebei is about 100 square kilometers, planning the aviation logistics area, science and technology innovation and service guarantee 3 group. Beijing and Hebei will be in accordance with the principle of shared co management planning of construction and operation.


Source: Beijing Evening News correspondent Long Luwen.

Editor: tf008

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