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"Double 11" supervision recommendations issued: businesses should strengthen the protection of personal information

2018-11-06 15:40 beijing evening news TF010

With the "double 11" is approaching, the major electricity supplier platform began preparations for a variety of promotional activities, some warm-up activities has started. Aiming at some problems, consumers often encounter this morning, the Beijing Consumers Association, Beijing law society, e-commerce law research will supervise business operators: integrity management, put an end to "cut", fictitious transactions, delete evaluation behavior, to ensure payment security, safe delivery.

Question: operator in violation of the law and the integrity of the transaction principle, no reason to cancel orders for consumer (commonly known as "cut") of the long-standing problem.

Suggestion: e-commerce operators should adjust the non-compliance terms, put an end to "cut" behavior.

Question: evaluation of fraud phenomenon still exists, some platform still retains the terms of service to delete the user evaluation, and law at.

Suggestions: e-commerce operators should evaluate to protect consumers' right to choose, right, to prevent speculation brush single letter, fictitious transactions, fraud, comment delete user evaluation behavior. At the same time, completes the examination and supervision, evaluation of respect for the consumer rights, reflect the consumer's evaluation (not deleted).

Question: express logistics service is not in place, the electronic payment security.

Suggestion: electronic business operators shall ensure that the principal payment operators, logistics operator to perform secure payment, logistics safety obligations on time.

Question: "double 11" promotional period is the peak period of consumer information disclosure.

Suggestion: electronic business operators to strengthen consumer protection of personal information, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "consumer protection law", to ensure that the user query, delete, cancel the account data, correct and effective realization of the free exercise of rights.



Source: Beijing Evening News

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