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The world's "Jewish city" China premiere, the audience Beijing rushed to Dalian tomorrow

2018-11-06 15:37 beijing evening news TF010

Yesterday, by the Israeli playwright Joshua Sobol screenwriter, director, Sun Qiang, Anna, Feng Xianzhen, Yan Nan starred in the drama "Jewish" held in Dalian Chinese premiere.

100 Beijing representatives of the media and the audience all rushed to Dalian to watch the opening speech. The 3.5 hour show, numerous applause and tears; when the curtain call, the applause lasted nearly ten minutes. Grey-haired Mrs. Sobol also appeared in the premiere site. Sobol of the "city" in the premiere of the Jewish Chinese is very satisfactory, he excitedly said: "this is the" Jewish city "new rebirth." The end of the show has been midnight, but we still stay in the theater and creative, actors and production team will share.

The playwright wrote: "Wanfang" Jewish city "not only belongs to the Jews, belongs to everyone, also belong to me. When life is deprived of food, freedom, courage, dignity, what are we left with? In the face of death by what? "Jewish city" gave too rich answer."

Critic Cheng Hui said: "the" Jewish city "from Israel, but she is already a Chinese drama, drama is China people play and the pursuit of."

Guangzhou came from the critic Yang Xiaoluan said: "through this work, we can still find an emotional link to examine, we have ever experienced in human trials have endured."

A Shanghai media said: "this works to the world and the gift of life, but not gorgeous, relaxed, but heavy, want to cherish life and feelings."

In the show, the famous performing artist Feng Xianzhen will bring a powerful aura from an appearance; Sun Qiang and Yan Nan two actors in the play deep rich and full of strength are amazing. Director Sobol created the "genius of the puppet group of two people, with exquisite interpretation of Li Zonglei and black two outstanding actor on the stage, the glow of astonishing brilliance. The play not only more than forty adult actors, as well as a dozen child actors, they will sing a song touching songs in the play. Producer Wang Keran said, these children are from local schools, each tour they will advance and local cooperation, training, selection of child actors, this is also part of the central China drama education plan, and also let every tour city can be more deeply involved in the "Jewish city", feeling dramatic force.

"City" is the representative of the Israeli Jewish drama master Sobol wrote and directed, is the longest continuous drama performances in Israel's history, but also the world's highest number of Israeli drama rehearsal. Sobol introduced the "Jewish city" of the story comes from the real history, almost every character in the drama history of prototype. He had visited some Jewish survivors of the city. A year only 17 year old woman said: "after the Jewish town day through hard work, the night will walk into the theater put on their best clothes, and go to meet friends, enjoy the play, which makes them feel they are" people "." One was the creation of a lot of songs of the poet said: "at that time the situation is more creative, because no one minute can be wasted, that is the most vigorous creativity."

Sobol said: in an important Jewish city art, at that time, extreme faced death people need a soul struggle, they cannot do physical struggle, even life deprived of the soul, the spirit is not deprived of, because they have their love of art. He said: "a lot of the time this play, everyone should be responsible for the life of others, each person a tiny mistake might lead to the demise of all people. So this drama has a deep contradiction, there are many unspeakable things, very complex. I appreciate it very much, we also admire these actors, such things brought to the stage."

The master Sobol and the central China drama cooperation, launched a Chinese version of "Jewish city". Of course, the "Jewish city" to China staged, and is closely related to a man named Anna Ian Martin of the French jews. Chinese audience of her cognitive stays in the famous actor Liu Ye's wife, in fact, Anna is a photographer and musician. I was born in a theatrical family, is Jewish, so Anna to the "Jewish" background and story has a special feeling, "Jewish city" is the script she personally from Israel to Chinese, handed over to the central China drama.

It is reported that in from November 9th to 11th, the play will be staged at the grand Beijing poly theater. Since the 12 National City tour.



Source: Beijing Evening News

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