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Ulam Tu Ya Poly Theater debut, Ping An were singing, when pop into the theater is what kind of?

2018-11-06 15:33 beijing evening news TF010

In September 28th, Japanese singer Shinji Tanimura ten years after the return to Beijing; in October 5th, world-class guitarist ingw held a concert; November 4th, singer Ulam Tu Ya bloom seasons "concert debut in Poly Theater, the same day, in the traditional jazz based style Acustic Band (acoustic band) walked into the water cube the water droplets within the theater......

Data figure: Poly Theater Yan Tong photo

Since the start of September, the fourth session of the Beijing international pop music festival surprises. Then, in November 16th, Cui Shu concert staged in the concert hall of the national library. Cui Shu was "love in the air", "Confidante robbery", "read" say not a film songs lyrics, then, Tong Tiexin, Liu Yuanyuan, Cui Zige and Liu Xin will live these classic film melody. In November 23rd, folk theatre season will also perform at the country music hall, Zhang Qianqian, Yang Mingyi, Fang Lei, across the six folk singer three times, with nearly thirty works review. November 24th, come out from "The Voice of China" singer Ping An will hold a solo concert in Beijing Exhibition Theater, with a clean and warm sound around Thanksgiving has been accompanied by the people.

All the time, pop music always cannot do without stadiums or LIVEHOUSE. Although both in the area of a lot of difference, enthusiastic atmosphere is always the same: a deafening sound, shaking arm and sticks, often sounded the chorus...... Observant fans already can be found from the performance schedule, this year the Beijing international pop music festival has been deliberately out of the stadium and LIVEHOUSE, to explore more performance space. In addition to the special ingw play, almost all of the performances are in the theater. "We have a concert in the stadium or gym, more attention is paid to the atmosphere." The Poly Theater in the "bloom seasons" before the concert, Ulam Tu Ya had just appeared on the workers' Stadium, "Hall" in the "Museum" in the field, the people here have their own demands on vocals, it embodies a kind of atmosphere, and your own aura; the audience in the theater a very close the distance to listen, they require more careful, we need more clearly to deliver music to everyone, here is more a kind of international standard at."

In the choice of tracks, stadiums and theatres also need to "an antidote against the disease". "There is often a chorus of people in the stadium, we will pick some of the audience for having heard it many times in pop songs, but in the theater will be more prominent artistic songs." Ulam Tu Ya positioned himself as "a popular way to interpret" the "folk singer", "we took the hometown of folk music, it is a kind of unique style." Ulam Tu Ya think, compared to the stadium, the theatre can let you focus on Prairie Music itself. "And the theater management are very professional, we can play on the stage. Not all quality performance can enter the Poly Theater, for us, this is a must."

Ping An of the theatre also has a special complex where. 2015, Ping An had the Beizhan theatre held its first concert. "You know my style of singing, I don't need a gorgeous lighting, also do not need gorgeous clothes, I don't want to leave you very far, I love to talk the concert." Ping An said. "Sing a song, have a chat with you, or close about heart words", this is the ideal peace concert form, and the theatre just to meet his imagination, not just on the stage, I can go to the audience to interact with you, listen to their therefore, this to me is a kind of touch, maybe also in later works reflect the look."

Out of the crowded stadium, to smaller and more attention to the quiet theater, more and more like Ulam Tu Ya, peace as a "pop singer" option allows us to see the development of pop music is another possibility: it can also can be delicate and great in strength and impetus, "art", but clearly, whether the audience is the singer himself, the music itself and the concept of play experience has put forward higher requirements. The boundaries of popular and so-called "elegant" between how to define, is a topic worthy of discussion.



Source: Beijing evening news Gao Qian

Editor: TF10

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