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Clear up illegal cultivation! Farewell to grow vegetables and chickens in North River of Beijing

2018-11-06 15:47. Beijing daily client TF003

It is not uncommon for the riverside to grow Chinese cabbage, corn and scattered chickens and ducks everywhere. Recently, with the 140 acres of riverside vegetable fields being cleared up, the phenomenon of raising chickens on the banks of the river will bid farewell to the Wenyu River and the North Canal.

After the coordination of town level River, illegal vegetable fields were cleared.

The slope of Wenyuhe River near the fire and sand road in Shunyi District is surrounded by farmers in the vicinity of a border of Chinese cabbage, stretching over 3 kilometers. In October this year, the River Office of the North Canal basin jointly carried out joint law enforcement with Shunyi District and post Shabu town to clean up 16 thousand square meters of vegetable fields, restore the river flood space and eliminate the hidden danger of water pollution.

This is also the last vegetable farm illegally planted on the coast of Wenyu River and North Canal. In the future, there will be no longer illegal vegetable raising and chicken raising along the 100 km long river course.

Wenyu River originates from the south foot of Yanshan, and is renamed the north canal below Tongzhou north gate. It flows through Changping, Haidian, Chaoyang, Shunyi, Tongzhou and other regions. The main stream is 106 kilometers long and is managed by the North Canal Management Office.

According to the regulation of river management, the land within a certain distance of both sides of the River belongs to the scope of river management and protection, and no grazing or cultivation is allowed. The canal of the North Canal is broad and the villages on both sides are densely covered. Many years ago, many river banks were planted with grain, vegetables and even scattered chickens and ducks.

Grain growing along the river can not only guarantee farmers' harvest, but also affect flood discharge during flood season. "Wenyu River and the north canal are important drainage channels in this city, especially the North Canal, which is responsible for 90% of the drainage tasks in the central city." The head of the North Canal Management Office said that if the high bar crops such as corn were planted in the river, it would stop the river falling down. In addition, spraying pesticides and livestock manure during planting will pollute the river water quality.

It is illegal to grow vegetables and raise chickens on the banks of the river. Why have they been banned all these years? "There are ten people in charge of the water management and law enforcement officers of the management office. It is very difficult to control 106 kilometers of river courses." Yang Zichao said that it was still difficult for them to clear the illegal cultivation phenomenon when they were working overtime to inspect the river channels.

In August 2017, the city began to implement the river length system in an all-round way and set up a localized management system for water environment. A total of more than 5900 territorial leaders in cities, districts, streets, towns and villages have new duties in the river and are jointly responsible for rivers. It is also for this reason that clearing illegal cultivation has ushered in a turning point.

The North Canal Management Office and the governor of the territorial River established a communication mechanism to carry out joint enforcement. "The law enforcement power of the water sector is limited, but with the village head and mayor coordinating the river management, the phenomenon of illegal cultivation is immediately stopped." Yang Zichao sighed that today, where the river flows through the village, the local village head and mayor jointly assume the responsibility of harnessing the river with the water department. In just over a year, 140 acres of illegal vegetable fields and grain fields have been cleaned up.

With the phenomenon of illegal cultivation being eliminated, the space for the river was vacated, and the comprehensive treatment project of the North Canal was officially launched, which will carry out large-scale greening on the bank slope and create a green corridor that runs through the eastern part of the city. "This year, we will continue to strengthen the linkage mechanism with territorial, public security, environmental protection and procuratorate, continue to crack down on illegal activities involving rivers, and build a more beautiful and pleasant water environment." The head of the North Canal Management Office said.

Reporter Zhu Songmei

Source: Beijing daily client

Process editor: RB003

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