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Clean up illegal reclamation! Beijing North River farewell vegetables and chicken

2018-11-06 15:47 Beijing daily client TF003

The river a cabbage, corn, and run around the backyard poultry, this phenomenon is not uncommon. Recently, with 140 acres of vegetable field were cleaning the river, the river grain chicken phenomenon will bid farewell to the Wenyu River, North canal.

After the town level long river coordination, illegal vegetable is clean

Shunyi District fire sand road, the slope of the Wenyu River is on the wall near the farmers a stretch of cabbage, stretches over 3 kilometers. 10 months of this year, the North Canal basin River office and Shunyi District, houshayu jointly launched a joint law enforcement, a total of 1.6 million square meters of clean vegetable, the restoration of river flood, eliminate water pollution risks.

This is also the Wenyu River north along the canal at the last of the illegal cultivation of vegetable field. In the future, as long as one hundred kilometers of the river will no longer have the phenomenon of illegal vegetables and chicken.

The Wenyu River originated in the south of Yanshan, to Tongzhou Beiguan sluice following renamed North canal. It flows through Changping, Haidian, Chaoyang, Shunyi, Tongzhou and other areas, river length of 106 km and unified management by the North Canal Management office.

According to the regulations of river management, within a certain distance of the land on both sides of the river river belong to the scope of protection, prohibition of grazing, reclamation. North Canal wide, on both sides of the village with previous years, many river were planted grain, vegetables, and even backyard poultry.

The river can not only ensure the farmers' grain harvest will affect flood season. "The Wenyu River, North Canal is an important drainage channel in the city, especially the North Canal, undertakes the drainage task 90% of the city center." North Canal Management Office responsible person said, if the high bar planting crops such as corn in the river, will stop pouring down the river. In addition, the spraying of pesticides and animal manure crops, will pollute the river water.

Since in the vegetables and chicken is illegal, why these years of repeated? The management of the water law enforcement officers a total of 10 people, to take control of 106 kilometers of the river is too difficult!" Yang Zichao said that they are working overtime to patrol the river, is still difficult to eliminate illegal reclamation phenomenon, often yesterday has just cleared the river, a few days later, he had been a vegetable.

In August 2017, the city began full implementation of long river system, the establishment of water environment management localization system, city, District, Street Township, village, a total of more than 5900 local leaders have long river new duties, jointly responsible for the river. Because of this, the clearance of illegal cultivation also ushered in a turning point.

The North Canal Management Office and local long river to establish a communication mechanism, to carry out a number of joint law enforcement. "Law enforcement forces of the water sector is limited, but the mayor, the mayor of collaborative River reclamation, illegal phenomenon was immediately stopped." Yang Zichao said, now, the river flows through the town which, the local mayor, mayor and water departments jointly undertake the historical responsibility, just more than a year, 140 acres of vegetable, grain along the illegal all cleared.

With the phenomenon of illegal reclamation destroyed, river free space, comprehensive control project of the North Canal has officially started, the slope for large-scale afforestation, build a green corridor runs through the eastern city. "This year, we will continue to strengthen the linkage mechanism, public security, environmental protection, and the local Procuratorate, the river continued to crack down on illegal behavior, building more beautiful pleasant water environment." The North Canal Management Department official said.

Reporter Zhu Songmei

Source: Beijing daily client

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