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She is Sissi, or Cosette...... Dubbing artist Ding Jianhua won the new world

2018-11-06 15:22 beijing evening news TF010

She is "Sissi" in Sissi, also "hunt" in Mayumi; is "the bridges of Madison County" in Francesca's "les miserables" in cosette...... She went through the light years to the unique charm of the sound, conquer the generations of the audience with voice.

She is the famous dubbing artist Ding Jianhua. Held in Shanghai, a famous masterpiece reading concert, reporters at the scene to enjoy the wonderful performance of teacher Ding Jianhua. She is full of hardship, people with a feeling of Du Fu's famous "grass roofs experiencethe song" applause. Reporters learned that in recent years, Ding Jianhua has won the national tour, a new world in the reading arena. She and her voice, her art is still fresh, full of vitality, with compelling charm, affects more audience.

Taiwan, in front of reporters Ding Jianhua, a short hair, temperament elegant, bright smile, full of vitality, do not see already over sixty years. Talk about their life and years of experience, she sings, talking, when it comes to the rise, but also show a, who has played over the interpretation of characters, lines, in her memory, never forget.

Grew up speaking standard Mandarin

Ding Jianhua was born in Shanghai in 1953 years a military compound in the cadre family, talked about his parents, Ding Jianhua filled with emotion, "my father is Shandong south of the military cadres, my mother is Shanghai local youth progress. They fell in love and married in Shanghai." Although the father is Shandong person, the mother is Shanghai people, live in their own troops courtyard are from all corners of the country. But Ding Jianhua was talking in different dialects, speak pure Mandarin, thanks to her primary school Chinese teacher teacher. Our teacher is from Beijing to Shanghai, her standard Mandarin, passionate lecture typhoon, gave enlightenment Ding Jianhua unforgettable, also let her childhood love speak Mandarin confidently, also led the brother and sister are learning mandarin.

Ding Jianhua is interested in art, from childhood mother often tells the children a variety of fairy tales, fairy tales, and sometimes take them to see the opera, opera, drama and other various performances, the seeds of which in Ding Jianhua's heart germination. In the character of both bright and delicate she could sing and dance, literary preference, lyrical expression, primary school writing, he repeatedly selected excellent composition of Shanghai city children's election. In the television age, the mother found a small Jianhua very fascinated radio program broadcast, also saving money to buy a radio for her daughter. Since then, Ding Jianhua will often lie on the radio, listen to the story grandpa Sun Jingxiu was listening to the radio, the novel series, radio theater programs addicted to.

However, Ding Jianhua went on the road of art is not Everything is going smoothly. That year, she applied for the East China Sea fleet of the art troupe of the political department, who born mother in the political problem is stuck, after nearly a year later, was able to enter the art troupe as an actor in the drama team. In the 6 year military literary career, she has played many roles, so she is particularly impressed, a temporary actor played little Chang Bao in the Peking Opera "tiger", "17 I was not what opera foundation, but the leader said to obey orders, so I used a month or so to learn vocalization, eye movements, let me go. I am also very hardworking, brave, shed a lot of tears, ligaments are trained to purple blue. But for the first time on stage, I will make a scene, because singing Peking Opera with me on the stage and falsetto voice, heard over the music together, feel nervous, when I read this, I want to pick up his throat, and habitually according to the pronunciation of the drama, so the whole voice faltered. After a long time to find the position, slowly sing. After stepping down, our leaders said otherwise I get a program, take a break, again feeling. I said no, if a trouble, a fool of myself, change the program, after that how to do? So I said don't change, give me courage to let me continue to play. The results show a good, better than a game, play game 5, I have found the joy of performance, feel very good." Despite the difficulties, Ding Jianhua this is not afraid of setbacks, aggressive personality, let her husband still sometimes said to her: "you are really a little Chang Bao!"

"Mayumi" specifically written for

23 years old, Ding Jianhua was admitted to the Shanghai film dubbing studio, officially became a voice actor, Li Zi, Liu Guangning, Qiu Yuefeng and other older actors under the guidance of and in the army drama accumulation in performing experience, Ding Jianhua successfully translated the film dubbing films one after another, especially her in the Japanese film "hunt" for the heroine Mayumi's excellent voice, makes her become famous overnight, known to every family. Ding Jianhua progress into the plant, soon became a national level actor, and won the China Film Awards "," Golden Rooster Award "," Shanghai youth art ten and China film art academy "Academy Award", "my favorite female voice actor" title. From the last century since the beginning of 80s, the guidance and influence she was dubbed the old factory director, famous dubbing director Chen Xuyi, dubbing director learned how to do the work, and cultivate a batch of new film dubbing.

Ding Jianhua is a Japanese film "hunt" in Mayumi dubbing, the Mayumi actor Nakano Yoshiko to China, enjoy in Japan do not enjoy the treatment, go on the street, have the audience called her name. Therefore, she also wrote to Ding Jianhua, thanking her for themselves to China. For 2004 years, "the bridges of Madison County" actress Merrill Streep came to Chinese, watched the Chinese version of "the bridges of Madison County" fragments of the voice of Ding Jianhua, Ding Jianhua said: "without your voice, there is no Francesca in Chinese activity."

The voice of Ding Jianhua art is such a great achievement, and is closely related to her careful observation of life, for business excellence, the character of careful shaping. When Ding Jianhua gave the story "I was two years old" the boy in the voice, they have to do the mother, but from the little boy has started dubbing in the mother's belly, there are a lot of the inner monologue. In order to better characterize the characters, Ding Jianhua called all around the little boy of the family to their home, let them all for the dialogue, "they said to be interesting! So when I give the character voice, not only to do his words clearly, but also the kind of voice, imitate their talk tone Nennen little boy voice."

Ding Jianhua take art seriously, always strict requirements, "such as" song "this works, even if I read one hundred games, but 101 games, if slightly relaxed, or have some thoughts, a moment of heart rhythm did not keep up, I will step down after some unhappy. Someone advised me, don't tell their reasoning. But when I was in the unit voice and director of the year, with works of rivalry, over and over again to ask the most accurate interpretation, whether on their own, or to others, is the same."

Ding Jianhua recalls a famous performing artist Sun Daolin teacher and recorded a radio drama "love supreme", is about a Chinese scientist in the United States, after the reform and opening up must return to work, but he didn't let his wife in the United States back together with him, two people are very reluctant to part the departure time. "The day we all have recorded at midnight, recorded after waiting to hear the director's opinion, but on the opposite side of the room is very quiet. Mr. Sun Daolin said: "so late, you have views on the question." But there is still a terrible silence. This time I can't help it, asked: "the director, Sun Daolin think this is not the teacher crying too much? After all he had to make a contribution to, if you cry too much, I also cried, it will not go back. " The director was relieved immediately said "yes", but that they did not dare to say, because I think the teacher Sun Daolin is a great artist, so want to for a long time, also do not know what to say. Then Mr. Sun Daolin said to them: "you have to learn from our Ding, what advice directly, time is more precious than gold. Now all the time? You have put in how to deal with me on time! My people are very easy to deal with and deal with a small Ding me. " This had become a story. I also learned a lot from the old artist, learned to art the attitude of excellence, but also learned their artistic accomplishments, an artist can learn how to progress. People who are in need of these models."

But the voice of low threshold standard can not be reduced

Now Ding Jianhua, a still hard-working in the art arena continue to shine, to bring people to enjoy the beautiful soul, two-thirds of the time spent at work, performances, lectures every year. At the same time, in life, she is also very happy. The old worker of Ding Jianhua's husband is Shanghai film studio, responsible for the technical aspects of film work, now retired, often to Ding Jianhua as the "driver", to accompany her around the country tour, she's good business partner, a good companion in life. But let Ding Jianhua feel proud and happy, her daughter and granddaughter, she often said: "I made so many roles, the daughter is my best work." Ding Jianhua and her daughter has participated in some dubbed film dubbing, but Ding Jianhua said her daughter is more interested in the financial or professional.

In the life of Ding Jianhua, in his spare time watching love spy film, often for several days, a set of interest in the spy series dozens of one "brush", look at the time not to disturb others love, every word can understand. Ding Jianhua also love to see "crossover singer" such programs, if you encounter love lyrics and dialogue, will be recorded in the memorandum on his mobile phone, if you see the love, will take the initiative to recite, so the memory is still very good.

CCTV integrated channel is broadcasting "clever" program in the second quarter, the artificial intelligence in the field of voice also opened up a space for one person, Ding Jianhua was also invited to participate in the cooperation with Taiwan, and robot "dubbing". Many people thought that Ding Jianhua will have the robot voice rejection, but Ding Jianhua has a very open mind said, "the voice robot is the robot, expand the width and breadth of the dubbing art, brought a new idea for the dubbing field, also let me to dub prospects have more expectations."

But let Ding Jianhua can not accept, is the "voice, crudely made curry favour by claptrap products", "the voice to the public," the threshold "is low, but the industry standard can not be reduced." Ding Jianhua believes that more and more audiences will increasingly enhance the aesthetic requirements of the works, the survival of the fittest is inevitable. "Loneliness, in order to keep busy," this is Ding Jianhua for the life of actor criterion, is told: "in the era of change, calm in noisy environment, to better the craft, the voice of language in the cultural, artistic sense of language, every the Ministry of works to express the full quality, meticulous, for the audience to bring quality, is always the voice actors in the beginning of the heart."

"Our professional threshold is not high, but it is never too old to learn. Someone introduced me, call me "performance artist", but I am ashamed to call myself, I really feel this is not enough, we are engaged in the art of this line of the goal in mind, I will always work hard in this direction. This goal is much higher, my energy is enough! So I really don't think she was 65 years old, and the mentality of upward desire!" It is because of the rich experience of life, delicate sentiment and in pursuit of a professional, continued abundance of her art, let the flower of life is always blooming, the tree of art forever.


Source: Beijing evening news Wang Run

Editor: TF10

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