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Millet and 26.57 billion bid homestead floor price of 1.9 million / square meters

2018-11-06 15:53 beijing evening news TF017

Yesterday, the city land market turnover of 2 operating sites. A case for the "land transfer limit prices, competing land transactions of residential, another is located in the Olympic Park in the central area of the comprehensive commercial financial services land.

Data figure Xinhua News Agency photo: Huang Zongzhi

Plots of the central area of Chaoyang District Olympic Park, the land area of about 13.87 hectares, the construction scale of about 486 thousand and 600 square meters. In accordance with the land transfer documents, after the completion of the project, the bidder shall be all self-sustaining, self consistent time and transfer time. Finally the case by the Beijing Beichen industrial Refco Group Ltd to the starting price of over 8 billion 663 million yuan, the floor price of 17803 yuan / square meter.

The other is the turnover of residential land for qiliqu village of Changping District town of Shahe South block. It is located outside the North Fifth Ring, the Beijing Tibet Expressway in the East, from the Metro Line 8 and Changping line transfer station Zhu Xin Zhuang station is very close, convenient transportation. The land area of about 4.68 hectares, the construction scale of about 137 thousand and 300 square meters, the limit prices, competing land transactions, "the case all residential use building scale construction of ordinary commodity housing, the average selling price of not more than 54197 yuan / square meters, the highest sales price of not more than 56907 yuan / square meters, and Taoxing construction area of 90 square meters of housing area proportion should reach more than 70%. In addition, the bidder shall be on the 50% floor of public building construction scale self-sustaining, self sustained period of not less than 20 years. The final Guangzhou millet Communications Technology Co. Ltd. and Beijing run the business management Co., a consortium with the starting price of 2 billion 657 million yuan bid, the floor price of 19356 yuan / square meter.

Experts said that the recent Beijing land market more active, especially in the supply of housing, clear up the supply situation, and the most common property of housing land and limit prices, competing land "commodity housing land. On the one hand, will strive to complete this year's land supply plan, on the other hand, to increase the supply of residential land, but also the implementation of the stability of the real estate market regulation policy, real moves.


Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF017

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