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Beijing Gaoantun two water recycling plant! Every day 100 thousand tons of sewage into the sub center of reduction

2018-11-06 15:08 Beijing daily client TF003

Today (November 6th) morning, reporters from the city drainage group was informed that the Gaoantun recycling plant two officially running through the water, the sewage treatment capacity of 100 thousand tons. Now, as the river downstream dam last "goalie" Gaoantun reclaimed water adds defensive ability, a two phase synchronous operation, can reveal the upstream sewage, sewage treatment did not prevent the Wenyu River into the territory of the city center.

Gaoantun recycling plant panorama, spherical tank for biogas tank

Gaoantun recycling plant is located in Chaoyang District Jinzhan village, in the East and east rings between the six rings, the main processing dam river basin within an area of 95.7 square kilometers of sewage, including Asian Sports Village, Wangjing, Ba, Ba, marigold, cottage areas. In June 2016, built a trial operation, sewage treatment capacity of 100 thousand tons per day. From the test run through the water to the Gaoantun recycled water has accumulated nearly 70 million 819 thousand tons of sewage treatment, as a part of the reclaimed water for landscaping, the rest are returned to the river, through the dam into the river, Wenyu River, flows into the center.

Biological pool top

The upstream dam river from northeast near and downstream into the Wenyu River, the entire 21.7 km, the basin area of 163 square kilometers. City Drainage Group, the relevant person in charge of the river dam is not long, but many residents along the region, resulting in a large number of sewage. In the two phase of the Gaoantun regeneration water before commissioning the dam along the river, North River, there are Jiuxianqiao and Gaoantun a three recycling plant, the total daily processing capacity of 400 thousand tons. However, according to statistics, the upper reaches of the sewage water in a total of Sishiersanwan tons, has more than 3 processing capacity of reclaimed water. "Simply put, is the" drink a "recycling plant." "Drink up" is a consequence of treated sewage can not continue along the river into the downstream dam, and the river is located in the territory of the Wenyu River deputy city center.

Sand filter

Gaoantun recycling plant in Ba River Basin at the end, played a "fallback" role in the treatment of intangible. With the increase in the population of dam area, the amount of sewage may continue to increase. In order to reveal all the details of the "keeper" responsible for the increase of defense drainage group and Beijing construction group, the construction of the Gaoantun recycling plant two, started in May last year.

Gaoantun recycling plant two adopted semi underground style design, fully enclosed production facilities. Reporters noted that the operation of water plant has no smell, no noise, ground everywhere green landscape. The use of advanced water treatment technology, the main indicators of reclaimed water meet the national surface water class IV water standards, sewage treatment capacity of 10 million tons. This 10 million tons of recycled water added every day, there are tens of thousands of tons will enter the network for reuse of reclaimed water, the remaining will fill into the river dam for landscape water.

Biological sewage is aeration pool

The factory, three white large spherical tank is very eye-catching, each have a diameter of tens of meters, that is used for storage of biogas. According to reports, the water is divided into water and mud, the former for reclaimed water treatment, the latter is the sludge treatment, the biogas production of sludge treatment process is the.

The mud area is built at the end of September last year, it is the largest city of the hot water solution of sludge disposal center, is also Asia's largest hot water solution of sludge disposal center, a daily processing capacity of 1836 tons of sludge. By high pressure and high temperature hot water solution technique, can carry out resources, sludge reduction, stabilization, harmless treatment. In addition to its treatment of the sludge produced, also undertake surrounding water recycling plant sludge. Now the daily volume of 900 tons of sewage sludge, sludge treatment, can be used as a forest nutrient soil for seedling cultivation.

At the same time, the sludge disposal center every day can produce 100 thousand cubic meters of methane. At present, the biogas is mainly used for boiler production in waterworks, biogas power generation will start next year. According to estimates, 10 million cubic meters of methane generating 20 million degrees, will provide part of the electric power production plant.

Drainage group for map

Author: Ye Xiaoyan, Sun Jie

Producer: Fang Fang

Editor: Gao Shanshan

Source: Beijing daily client

Edit process: RB003

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