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Intangible cultural assets into financing lease in the Expo Beijing trade delegation focused attention

2018-11-06 14:39 beijing evening news TF003

In November 6th China International Import Expo Beijing trade delegation "high-end dialogue" event, Beijing city cultural Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the lease financing of science and technology culture lease) a case about chairman Lan Taoyong caused the domestic and foreign guests and media attention: Beijing media group in the works of the famous cartoon logo image "independent creation Los baby" right of the leasehold property, from the cultural lease obtained 200 million yuan financing support. The money is greatly alleviated the dytm liquidity pressure massive bank loan pumping caused the company to be produced to launch "run the third and fourth quarters of brothers" and "creative" Chinese such phenomenal variety show, original animation "Luo baby" also successfully entered the international market. This is the Beijing city service industry opening comprehensive pilot initiative intangible cultural financing and leasing business launch.

9 2015, the Central Propaganda Department in the reform of the cultural system and the development office, the Ministry of Finance Division, culture silver CIRC guidance Inclusive Finance Department, the State Intellectual Property Office and the Beijing municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce, Beijing City, the cultural heritage office, Beijing City Cultural investment development group and Shunyi District District propaganda department, the first in the country intangible cultural asset financing lease, and included in the "implementation plan", clear in the culture and education "pilot services in the field of copyright and patent, trademark rights and other intangible cultural asset leasing", namely intangible cultural assets in enterprise culture copyright and trademark right and patent right as the leasehold property, to customer service leaseback form to provide financial support for cultural enterprises.

For intangible assets financing and leasing business, leasing for culture to establish the risk management system, the project is overdue rate has been at a relatively low level of control; assessment of the value of intellectual property law, and indeed the right to carry out and transfer according to law; the spirit of the concept of Inclusive Finance, the rate is the benchmark interest rate to fall 5% discount products. The enterprise of 5 million yuan of financing, in addition to intangible assets subject matter, in principle no longer require other strong measures to increase trust, highly fit for small cultural enterprises financing needs, welcomed them, opened up a new financing channel for small and medium-sized enterprise culture. In recent years, the intangible cultural property leasing project company added, small and medium-sized projects accounted for more than 75% projects, private enterprises accounted for 92%, far higher than the general financial institutions and financial institutions.

The intangible assets financing lease, intangible assets, patent rights and copyrights and other cultural enterprises to create not only can be directly used for production and market development, has also been given with aircraft, ships and other tangible assets equal value, directly into the "financing support money"; cultural lease as the lessor, also has issued a third to intangible assets financing lease receivable creditor's rights for the content of the ABS products, issued a total of more than 20 billion yuan.

Thus, the use of intellectual property value, circulation value and capital market value of the three development and utilization of intangible assets and utility value is more amplified than abroad existing intellectual property trust financing, intellectual property financing guarantee, reflects the higher protection use level, greatly stimulate the enterprise the development of intellectual property, the enthusiasm of the registration and use, is China's respect for intellectual achievement value, the protection of intellectual property rights policy is also reflected, strong comeback Trump on the protection of intellectual property rights Chinese unreasonable accusations, in the background of Sino US trade war at present, has important practical significance.

It is understood that the "cultural lease" "Beijing service industry comprehensive opening pilot implementation plan" authorized to carry out the first batch of pilot enterprises of intangible cultural asset leasing. The company was founded in 2014, is a foreign invested leasing enterprises, Beijing city is also the first mixed ownership culture of financial leasing company, the registered capital of 2 billion 570 million yuan, the total assets of more than 12 billion yuan. The company by the Beijing Municipal Cultural Investment Development Group and other institutions initiated the establishment, attracted from a large investment in the United States, Japan and Singapore, Europe and the Middle East and other five countries and regions.

In 2015, the Beijing city service industry opening comprehensive pilot of the spring breeze blowing, intangible cultural asset financing lease is one of the major highlights. The Ministry of Commerce and the Beijing municipal government in the same open mind, finally selected cultural leasing the foreign-funded enterprises as the first batch of pilot enterprises, leasing the culture to be the first to carry out this business. Over the past three years, the cultural lease provides tangible capital to support a large number of cultural enterprises, at the same time as the unique advantages of innovation policy, to achieve rapid growth of its own, but also made a great contribution to the national and local tax revenue, since the establishment of the cumulative amount of tax more than 300 million yuan, only in 2018 1-9 month tax on more than 100 million yuan, not only play a direct effect, indirect utility also produced a long deep. One, the three sides of cultural enterprises, foreign enterprises and the state win.

Over the past three years, cultural leasing has the intangible assets financing lease directly support cultural enterprises more than 400, the amount of financing more than 8 billion yuan. These funds support or "timely assistance", or "perfect", a strong impetus to the transformation of the quality and efficiency of product structure and enterprise culture product upgrades, resulting in significant social and economic benefits.

Cultural lease still leads Beijing's cultural and creative industry investment loan Award "policy, set up" Beijing Wenchuang financial services platform "to" cultural intangible assets assessment guidance "as the basis, and cooperate with shield technology, Chinese copyright protection center and other institutions, establish the evaluation model of a set of their own the value of intellectual property, the intellectual property value and financing needs of financial institutions to push platform registration, guide them to provide financing enterprises, greatly broaden the application space of intangible cultural asset lease financing and policy effectiveness. The platform on the line for 11 months, reached more than 4000 registered companies, financial institutions registered more than 160, up more than 8 billion yuan of financing, the formation of the cultural financial ecosystem a self interest of breathing "". Is expected within three years, the cultural platform brings together business will exceed 1 million, the future will reach more than 20 in Beijing city and even the country's small and medium-sized enterprise culture of thousands of cultural enterprises.

Reporter Yu Jian

Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF003

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