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Beijing Shanglin Park District on the eastern side of the site dust have solved the problem of soil cover dust filter

2018-11-06 17:52 beijing evening news TF019

On Wednesday, "we hear in the night" column for the Shanglinyuan district on the eastern side of site being dust problems were reported. After the report was published, Daxing District Jiugong Town, urban planning, economic development, the whole ring and other departments in the first time to the scene to carry out a joint inspection of law enforcement, and formulate rectification measures.

Reporters learned that the land is flat land area east of landscape engineering and municipal road projects have been shut down for rectification, by the construction unit management organization responsible for the region to carry out self-examination, the formation of governance ledger to discover problems, one by one to develop corrective measures, and then by the Jiugong town to organize relevant departments to review the construction site to review after passing to the construction.

Soil covered with tarpaulin. Photo by Chen Shengyu

Yesterday morning, the reporter saw at the scene, the area east of dust caused "soil" have all been used for dust filter cover; the area surrounding the road, sprinkler, cleaner and other engineering vehicle has been in the circuit operation. Next, the old town house will instruct the municipal administration, urban management and other departments to supervise the construction unit project information publicity, seriously study the traffic organization in the field; take sprinkler dust, dust cover screen, dust management, strengthen the construction of civilization.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Chen Shengyu

Editor: TF019

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