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Beijing Dongcheng District celebrates 40 years of reform and opening up the exhibition debut five Wangfujing theme exhibition changes

2018-11-06 15:13 beijing evening news TF017

As one of the reform and opening up in Dongcheng District to celebrate the 40th anniversary series, "the new era of the new East - Dongcheng District to celebrate the 40th anniversary picture of reform and opening up" exhibition debut in the street yesterday.

Photo: Yu Lishuang

The exhibition showcases more than 240 pieces of the picture, is divided into "America axis" and "Yun - Charm", "Xing - style" and "induced - style, and style" five themes. Among them, the "beauty - axis" theme picture covers the axis of the building within the jurisdiction of the Yongding east gate, Qianmen, Tiananmen, the Imperial Palace, Jingshan Hill, Bell Tower and Drum Tower and other landmarks; "Yun - Charm" theme picture is to show the contents of the existing cultural relics, Dongcheng Dongcheng garden style protection, etc.; "- style" theme the picture focused Dongcheng culture, through the drama, Dongcheng Dongcheng, scholarly cultural heritage show content highlight Dongcheng cultural activities vitality and creativity; "Xing - style" and "- style" theme picture will focus on education, health care, pension and other aspects of more renovation and lives of the residents in the city, show a change in the 40 years of reform and opening up in Dongcheng District.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zhang Nan

Editor: TF017

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