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Beijing sub center of town greenbelt Taiwan Lake by performing km greenbelt park open

2018-11-06 14:23 Beijing daily client TF003

These days, Tongzhou District is located in the town center of Taiwan Lake greenbelt park officially open for the public park near the road, Pu West, South and north to the green belt, 1150 meters long, the average width of 70 meters, an area of about 73.5 acres.

An important part of the Taiwan Lake greenbelt Park belongs to the Taiwan lake tour for the construction of two acres, also known as the entertainment town belt park, into the town, the overall forest environment, in the vernacular, greenbelt Park emphasizes the unity and continuity in the cultivation, selection of Sophora japonica and other native species and Koelreuteria paniculata ginkgo, silver maple, Acer other tree species, highlighting Taiwan Lake acres strolling Chunhua million sticks, colorful forest theme. In the greenbelt park is not only ecological, greening and beautifying the land, because close to Taiwan Town Main Street, is also charged with the city flood drainage, river city water network connectivity function. Taiwan town forestry station director Zhang Haiyun said, from here to the national theatre stage base very close, but also a reflect the entertainment culture multifunction zonal leisure park, people watching the show can come here for a walk in the park of culture and leisure, feel the charm. In the town, and constantly improve the city quality at the same time, the green belt will also assume the rich surrounding residents recreational and cultural exhibition function. Combining and acting town characteristics, Taihu town will incorporate more cultural elements in the park, to better reflect the level changes of ecological environment.

Now, with the construction of sub center of the city is accelerating, more and more large-scale ecological park and greenbelt! Ecological picture of gorgeous bloom, the earth is in Tongzhou to start slowly. It is understood that Taiwan Lake Mu strolling construction project is divided into four stages, will focus on creating traffic, travel, fitness system acres strolling convenient, rich plant landscape and theme space, foundation and garden facilities, after the completion of the area will reach nearly 30 thousand acres. Which one is the plain afforestation upgrade, the total area of 5005.1 acres, and strive to build Taiwan Lake Park, forest scenic, scenic spots, entertainment fitness and Entertainment International Farm scenic area 4 area, is expected to be completed by the end of. The two stage is mainly composed of Taiwan Lake acres strolling two, Taiwan Lake Taihu Town Government Street road greening, three green belt is composed of three parts, a total construction area of 9666.85 acres, of which the upgrading of an area of 4696.3 acres, 4970.55 acres of new area. The construction will focus on the scenic forest scenic, scenic spots, sports fitness entertainment, children's entertainment scenic art area, camping area and other agricultural car, is expected to be completed in June next year. The three area of 7783 acres, of which the upgrading of an area of 5111.6 acres, the new area of 2671.4 acres, is about to start construction. The four phase of the project will be based on the overall planning and work steadily.

Reporter Wang Kexin

Source: Beijing daily client

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