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Beijing Gaoantun recycling plant two water proof untreated sewage into the sub center of Wenyu territory

2018-11-06 15:18 beijing evening news TF017

Gaoantun regeneration dwtp today formally through the water, sewage treatment capacity of 10 million tons. As the dam downstream river basin at the end of the "keeper", Gaoantun recycled water for a period of two phase synchronous operation, can prevent the untreated sewage into the territory of the Wenyu River City sub center.

Data figure Xinhua News Agency photo: Zhang Chenlin

City Drainage Group, the relevant person in charge of the upstream river from the Northeast near and downstream into the Wenyu River, the entire 21.7 km, though not long, but many residents along the region, resulting in a large number of sewage. In the two phase of the Gaoantun regeneration water before commissioning the dam along the river, North River, there are Jiuxianqiao and Gaoantun a three recycling plant, the total daily processing capacity of 400 thousand tons, while the upstream sewage treatment capacity to water more than three recycling plant.

Gaoantun recycling plant two put into use after water pollution pressure processing capacity of 200 thousand tons per day will greatly ease the dam of river basin, the main index of reclaimed water reached the national surface water class IV water standards, to ensure access to the city center in Wenyu River are high quality reclaimed water. The 100 thousand tons of newly reclaimed water, thirty thousand or forty thousand tons will enter the pipeline for reuse of reclaimed water, the remaining will fill into the river dam for landscape water.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Ye Xiaoyan

Editor: TF017

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