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Beijing plain district residents throw garbage in the downstairs space but only 30 meters away from the trash

2018-11-06 17:47 beijing evening news TF019

This time, live in the plain district residents feel unhappy. Because there are always people in order to save yourself, throw garbage between residential building 1 and building 3 on the ground, in fact from the rubbish 30 meters away there is a trash.

The garbage dump distance but 30 meters yuan. Photo by Chen Shengyu

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw in the plain area, the clearing garbage and No. 1 floor windows only one parking spaces. The garbage area is not large, mainly living garbage, garbage bags and some serious damage, in addition to smell the pungent, leftovers will have a grease tile retting.

Residents said, clearing garbage piling up has quickly 2 months. Although sometimes people to refuse to clean up, but due to garbage time, scattered, often just clean up and thrown, so there is often garbage montreal. "To say the reason, I think it is because of lazy, someone in order to save." Mr. Zhou Bin residents pointed to 30 meters away, said angrily: "you see, the trash is there, a total of three, but always some people do not consciously!" Mr. Zhou along the finger in the direction of the reporter saw, the garbage heap in front of the ground with the red arrow, pointing to three trash 30 meters away (Figure).

During the interview, the reporter saw more than 4 residents to leave rubbish here. A garbage residents said, the trash is too far away, "the building some of the mobility of the elderly, the next one floor is not to throw rubbish around. So cold outside now, wearing thin clothes, less able to walk a few steps on fewer steps." The residents said, hope to put trash in front of the building, so you don't have to throw rubbish onto the tens of meters.

The reporter saw at the scene, some of the older residents as well as cycling, drive residents will choose to throw rubbish on the ground, while walking out of the people will take trash into the trash at discarded.

The trash in the end where? The current residents have different views, but no matter how, for their own convenience regardless of community environment and the interests of the public behavior is not desirable.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Chen Shengyu

Editor: TF019

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