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The Beijing Municipal Construction Committee informed the 10 safety and quality of illegal enterprises (list attached)

2018-11-06 14:19 Beijing daily client TF003

Recently, the Beijing Municipal Construction Committee informed of 10 safety and quality of illegal enterprises. These 10 companies illegal behavior, in 2018 years in the three quarter of the city Department of housing, housing and urban rail transit construction project safety and quality checks found in law enforcement.

According to reports, the third quarter of 2018, the overall steady for the better in the safety and quality of work, the Beijing municipal housing and urban rail transit construction project in the situation, there are still some units there are serious violations of safety and quality, the main problems are as follows: the construction site welding are not in accordance with the specification requirements of ultrasonic testing is not in accordance with the design specifications and construction; construction drawings of the construction of existing in the construction process; the construction site of the existence of temporary electricity, scaffolding erection and dismantling, special operations personnel undocumented and other serious security risks; not to into the field of reinforced retest is put into use, not to have been installed outside the window of the wind resistance, air permeability, water permeability, the heat transfer coefficient, hollow glass dew point performance of the re inspection; auxiliary hook of the construction site did not travel limit switch of mobile crane is operating, supervision and inspection of construction supervision units without the use of heavy machinery; on-site mixing mortar for aerated concrete masonry wall surface galling construction; does not require the compressive strength test of concrete according to the specification.

Beijing Daily reporter found combing the client, the 10 companies including commercial housing, subway, etc. a number of different types of pipe gallery construction. Among them, Tongzhou District Yongle Garden commercial housing construction project of the No. 3 underground garage approach is put into use on the bar examination, the responsibility unit of the Hebei jozo Construction Engineering Co. Ltd; Fengtai District Fenzhongsi resettlement housing project E block fzs-24 block, fzs-25 block, fzs-27 block, the construction site was found there are many serious security risks. Responsibility unit of the Guangdong Pearl River engineering contracting co..

Municipal and rail traffic engineering, highway underground pipe gallery of the new airport (airport to the south city of Victoria) project construction, was found not for compressive strength test of concrete according to the specification, the responsibility unit for the China Railway 12th Bureau Group Co. Ltd; the new airport line project construction contract section 03, vice the construction site did not hook the travel limit switch of mobile crane is operating, supervision and inspection of construction supervision units without the use of heavy machinery, the construction unit of the Beijing Yiqun Engineering Consulting Co. Ltd.

The reporter also noted that the No.1 Hospital of Peking University health care center project of steel structure engineering, Shijingshan District cultural center construction project of steel structure engineering, Tang Yun Ding project, Liangxiang Higher Education Park West life area of west window project also can be found in the existence of security risks. According to this, the Tianjin Municipal Construction Committee recently southeast structure company 10 units violations of safety briefing. In an administrative penalty at the same time, housing construction sector in accordance with the provisions of supervision qualification qualification and personnel of the dynamic enterprise, the responsible units and persons responsible for the scoring process. At present, these illegal activities have been completed rectification, and meet the design and re inspection by the relevant technical specifications and requirements.

Editor: Tu Lu Fang

Reporter Cao Zheng

Source: Beijing daily client

Edit process: RB003

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