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The Yongding river is how to enter the "three culture"? Experts explain the sequence of events

2018-11-06 14:24 beijing evening news TF010

The Yongding River, the largest river in Beijing, a Beijing Tianjin Hebei Shanxi across four provinces and cities' cultural landscape". With the development of Beijing the Grande Canale culture, the Great Wall culture zone, Xishan Yongding River culture with "three culture" construction, the "Mother River" of Beijing has aroused people's concern.


In fact, the Yongding river was not in Beijing "three culture" construction of the column, then it is to be incorporated into the "three culture" category? Study on the Yongding River culture academic circles have what harvest? The construction of the "Xishan Yongding River culture", and what the experts offer? With these questions, the reporter interviewed Beijing City, deputy director of the office of local chronicles Compilation Committee, "the Beijing Local Chronicles", deputy editor of Yongding River Culture Research Association chief expert Tan Liefei.

From the "Xishan culture" extends to the Yongding River

"In the" three cultural construction "concept proposed at the beginning of the Yongding river is not included in the scope of the cultural zone."." Tan Liefei told reporters, in the "three culture" before the formation of a "prototype" stage, "Xishan culture" is a "three hills and five gardens" as the core, the scope has been designated to Xicheng District Jishuitan surrounding region. "The first" three culture "are mainly for cultural relics protection and exploitation puts forward."

Since then, the "Beijing city master plan (2016 -2035 years)" the preparation stage, the construction of the "three culture" has been elevated to the height of the overall planning of the city, in time for the views of all parties on the "planning", the research community in the city of Beijing local Records Compilation Committee Office based, "hope to Yongding river basin is also included in the construction of culture in."

Therefore, local records office organized several experts and scholars discuss the meeting that the Yongding river is the mother river of Beijing, not included in the "culture" of protection and construction is not appropriate." First of all, the Yongding river provides terrain and landform based initially for the Beijing region, but also provides an important resource for the production and life of the development of Beijing city. "Down the Yongding River from North Shanxi Plateau through the Taihang Mountains north of the Pentium, in the northwest part of North China plain to swing freely, the upstream basin sediment transportation, the formation of the Yongding River flood alluvial fan in Beijing area. Today, Beijing Shijingshan, Xicheng, Dongcheng, Chaoyang, Daxing District, Haidian and southern Fengtai, Eastern Tongzhou, southwestern and Eastern Fangshan, belonging to the Yongding River alluvial plain. It not only provides the basic production and living water for Beijing City, also provide timber, firewood and charcoal and other living resources in Beijing city. In the lower reaches of Yongding river is abundant in coal resources, coal use in Beijing history can be traced back to the Han and Tang dynasties. To in late Qing Dynasty, the rise of the big machine industry, Jingxi coal mining has attracted more and more attention. In the future, coal instead of charcoal became the main fuel Beijing residents, Mentougou, Fangshan and Zhoukoudian Tuo, become a major supplier of 3 coal."

In addition, the protection of cultural relics in the Yongding River Basin and the river also has a long way to go. Tan Liefei, of Yongding cultural information provided: planning within the scope of intangible cultural heritage is 120. Among them, the Yongding River Basin culture altogether 40, all were included in the provincial and municipal or district level cultural protection units; and the Yongding River River culture related points were 80, has been included in the protection of only 30%.

Based on this, the local records office at the urging of multi force and ultimately promote the Yongding River into the construction process of culture. "Into the Yongdinghe River not only makes all 16 areas to be included in the" culture within the region, "became a natural link of Beijing Tianjin Hebei coordinated development, within the broad area including xiongan District, in the river area, leaving Beijing 'construction' culture and national strategy."

Study on the river culture in the past 30 years

Tan Liefei, on the Yongding River culture in academic circles is long-standing. Back in the late last century in 80s, to the Yongding River Culture Museum - Mentougou District Museum in Changan for a long time on promoters and researchers in Yongding river of Mentougou local culture lovers would spontaneously formed a research team of Yongding River culture, its composition can be divided into three categories: professional workers in related fields of cultural relics the local folk or engaged in mine history research, the history teacher local schools as the main body of the culture lovers.

Tan Liefei himself on the Yongding River based research also has deep feelings, "I am a native of Mentougou, Yongding River Beijing" Mother River "status, in my heart is very clear." After graduating from the University of Tan Liefei was assigned to the Beijing Mining Bureau, engaged in the research of the history of mine. The close origin between the development of modern industry in Beijing and the Yongding River, he is very clear: "the modern industry in Beijing began to have two important nodes, one is Mentougou Tong Xing coal mine in Guangxu nine years, that is 1883 to build mine, it is the first company in Beijing to steam power for modern industrial lifting equipment is two; camp Machinery Bureau appeared in the Mentougou area during the same period three. They are "the birthplace of modern industry in Beijing", in the Yongding River basin." For these reasons, Tan Liefei became the earliest members of the Yongding River culture.

Tan Liefei still remember the group as the first Yongding River culture professional research team on-site inspection of the situation. That was the summer of 1988, seven or eight scholars along the Yongding River Road, were interviewed and recorded in the vicinity separately. "At that time of the Yongding river is a" narrow ", is mainly to the investigation of cultural relics surrounding - stone stele, village temple." 5 days after the end of the trip, scholars have formed their own interview manuscripts and records, and assembled into publications, this is the first study on the Yongding River special publication history, the name is called "Yongding River culture".

Later, the Yongding River culture research scholars continue to investigate and understand the river, continue to collect the basic data of the river culture. These early research results of Yongding River, are published in the "Yongding River culture" magazine and by the time the Mentougou District Museum sponsored by the newspaper "friend" on the fair. Of course, these people of Yongding River cultural understanding more and more "broad sense", not only to the protection of Yongding River Basin in the cultural relics and ancient villages, also to the development of the Yongding River and the related history, political, economic and other aspects of the culture is no longer." Tan Liefei: a study of Yongding River culture now research and protection of the Yongding River reached a very high level, under the leadership of President Zhang Guanglin, a large number of feelings of the Yongding River culture people together.

Yongding River Basin, the "red culture" to be discovered

"Xishan Yongding River culture" with deep red mark, red culture development of Yongding River Basin, Tan Liefei has his own view. At the beginning of March 1938, Deng Hua rate Eight Route Army into Yongding River Zhaitang Sichuan, Peiping first Anti Japanese base - create Pingxi Anti Japanese base, set off an unprecedented Anti Japanese enthusiasm in the dining hall of sichuan. At that time the largest courtyard is Yu Wanyuan Zhaitang firm, was used as a war room. In March, the Beijing area of the first Anti Japanese democratic government - Wanping county government was formally established, the government authorities in the election has been unable to do business in Yu Wanyuan firm. "The Anti Japanese democratic government sign on the margin of the Wanyuan gate, the Wanping County Anti Japanese democratic government organs are installed in a hundred square meters of the yard, in order to carry out the work also set up offices, the main business as a magistrate's office."

Tan Liefei introduced in Beijing in the history of revolutionary history and local history, has a record of Yu Wanyuan Zhaitang town. However, the site of the Anti Japanese regime was razed to the ground in the last century 90, deeply sorry to let Tan Liefei and other cultural researchers.

To this end, Tan Liefei called for the rehabilitation of relics in the Wanping County Anti Japanese democratic government site, "form can refer to rehabilitation extension joint county government site of the DAZHUANGKE Chang in Yanqing." Tan Liefei think, here is the earliest of the Anti Japanese democratic regime in Beijing, is a representative symbol of red culture. "Fu Jian, here can be considered as red tourism attractions or red education base, inheritance and utilization."

In addition, the river is the birthplace of modern industry. Tan Liefei believes that the use of industrial heritage is also necessary. "Such as mining for coal mine sites will have the historical culture, the connotation of a museum to use."

On the Yongding River and Bridge Museum ""

"You know, in the Yongding river area, there is a" near the store, Bridge Museum. "." Tan Liefei said the "Bridge Museum", refers to this piece of just a few kilometers of the region, bringing together the many bridges in different periods.

Down from upstream, was first built in 1985 in the oblique railway bridge, it is rare in the curved bridge, the river bend nearly 90 degrees, once the arc bridge in asia. There are a group of Japanese invasion of China Xiufengsha railway of the old pier, "the Japanese invaders in order to plunder the Jingxi and Datong coal, built from Tanggu to Datong railway, fengsha railway is one of the parts, the pier is the plunder coal evidence". In addition, also called "King" West Beijing fengsha railway bridge.

And opened to traffic in 1958 gate bridge, now to protect cultural relics, the old cement bridge allows only small vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles; the bridge built in 2002, six lane two-way road store has become the main channel, the Yongding River Mountain highway.

Jingmen highway Yongding River Bridge was built in 1921, has a glorious history, "Jingmen highway is the first highway in the history of Beijing, Beijing Road on the Yongding River Bridge is the largest project in highway construction was opened in Beijing city to build concrete highway bridge history". By Zhan Tianyou design, built in 1907, Beijing Yongding railway bridge, the bridge is now still a puppet......

Tan Liefei said, standing in the east of the Beijing railway bridge to the west to the bridge, panoramic view. See them, would have an intuitive understanding of the different periods of architectural form, "not only understand the history of the bridge, also helps to understand the history of Beijing, Chinese industrial history, the history of transportation." Tan Liefei think, for this piece of the bridge in the area, you can dig deep cultural connotation, do articles. For example, the "Bridge Museum" in the history of the region, as a bridge to visit scenic spots, to form a complete system of ecological tourism.



Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF10

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