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Beijing court enabled "cut adjustable integration system", the parties can stay at home to accept mediation

2018-11-06 16:25 beijing evening news TF010

Reporter morning from the high court of Beijing held a "multiple mediation + speed cutting" news conference, the Beijing court enabled "adjustable cutting system", through the system, the mediator can realize online mediation, mediation in court for the inconvenience to the parties to provide the greatest convenience.

The high court of Beijing relevant person in charge, this year, the city court to resolve conflicts and disputes based on the capital demand, and constantly improve the multiple mediation specialization and standardization and informatization level. On the stage of "multi mediation + speed cut in front of a large number of ordinary litigation diversion to resolve disputes, professional court trial pattern of trial results is difficult and complicated cases initially appeared.

From January to October this year, the city court of "multiple mediation + speed cutting mechanism is closed more than 17.8 pieces, an increase of 41% over last year, with about 16% of the posts of civil judge concluded 46% civil cases of first instance, the average trial period 32 days.

The reporter learned from the conference, Beijing court to promote the integration of multi mediation + speed cutting "and modern information technology depth, enabled the Beijing court tones cut integration system". The system combines the functions of multiple mediation cases, case classification management and online mediation, cutting speed, the type of the elements of the case trial case judgment automatically, guidelines, mediation and expedite business statistics etc., convenient for the masses to solve disputes, judges, handling cases to provide intelligent support.

It is reported that the fast file function through the system of WeChat, the parties in the court filing hall by scanning the two-dimensional code on the WeChat fast, while the system of "electronic + artificial intelligent model will split a lot for mediation and arbitration of civil and commercial cases, to provide technical support for the" simple case summary, complex case now. ".

With the help of the system of multiple mediation case management module, the mediator can realize the online office, the mediation work full traces, standardized management. At the same time, also provide the function of online mediation for the inconvenience to the court for mediation the parties the greatest convenience, realize the online material online docking, the evidence shows, confirmed online mediation results, recording whole traces.

In addition, the Beijing court has independently developed the automatic generating system of elements in the system according to the judgment, the parties to complete the filing stage elements table, automatic identification label elements in through the computer, directly call standard reasoning conclusion base, automatic generation of the type of case judgment documents, improve the efficiency of the trial of cases of type.



Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF10

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