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Beijing Pinggu's largest waterfront Forest Park officially opened this gorgeous old dirty and messy plots

2018-11-06 15:28 beijing evening news TF017

Pinggu District Xiagezhuang Zhenbin water day before Forest Park officially opened, the once Sidaluanjian together, farming district gathered block gorgeous, became Pinggu's largest waterfront Forest Park.

Shunyi Xincheng Forest Park information photo: Chenggong

The park is located in the center of new coal Xia, a total area of 1500 acres, of which 700 acres of forest area, green area of 635 acres, 100 acres of water area, planting design dominated by native plants. According to reports, here is the original part of coal Xia Metro planning but because of some reasons, left, after the removal of the open space was built on the farming area, not only Sidaluanjian everywhere, the environment has become dirty and messy.

The person in charge of the park, the park will also put the Xiagezhuang town sewage treatment center of reclaimed water into the park, and the construction of water stage, children's amusement park, leisure and sports equipment, add pavilions and other facilities, meet the public demand for leisure and fitness.


Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF017

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