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Beijing Baihe Miyun city Forest Park officially started the forest green area will account for more than 9

2018-11-06 15:30 beijing evening news TF017

Is located in the north of Miyun District town of Forest Park City Baihe days before the official start, the 70 kilometers from downtown Miyun largest Forest Park covers an area of 120.1 hectares, forest green area will make up the park more than 9, is expected to complete all construction tasks before the end of August next year.

The eastern suburbs of Tongzhou Wetland Park Information photo: Liu Ping

Baihe Forest Park City designer Zhang Peng, Park East, South Road, Beijing Shenyang River, 193 Plant Varieties Introduction, covering large trees, middle shrubs and ground cover plants, which will account for 8 of native tree species. "We will select the 11 Tree Species for Miyun climate from Yunmeng Mountains, Wuling Mountain and Yunfeng mountain, mountain Yang, Kalopanax septemlobus and Mongolia oak, and create a center city has differentiated plant landscaping." A park near the village demolition area, to retain nostalgia, existing trees in the region surrounding the demolition will be retained, the village area of the tree will be transplanted to the park. In addition, the park will also build 1.9 kilometers along the Baihe River riparian corridor, in the construction of about 4 kilometers of cross-strait River Riverfront trail, and built 5 sightseeing platform, so that people can walk in the forest and water dependent or leisure, or to carry out outdoor fitness activities.

Deputy director of the Miyun District Landscaping Bureau Peng Lianxing introduced, the park is expected to complete the construction tasks before the end of August next year, when the park have an open condition, will be free and open to visitors.


Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF017

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