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What is the taste of Feng Ze yuan? What legend does Wang Yaoqing have? Tai Palan community tells "old Beijing"

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What is the feelings of the old Beijing people in the Yi Pin Xiang bathhouse? How has the taste of Feng Ze garden been remembered for decades? What are the moving legends of Wang Yaoqing, the teacher of "four famous denas"? There are 10 stories a year.

Over the past few years, the "Hutong story remittance" of the stone community of Da Palan street has reached third copies. The changes of the old brand, the good deeds of the famous figures and the people around the residents, these vivid stories full of Beijing's details are all excavated, recorded, preserved and propagated in the story collection.

A good feeling of "Feng Ze yuan" has been recorded for 60 years.

"The Golden Rooster did not call the soup to be hot first, but the red sun first filled the guest hall." in the hearts of many old Beijing people, the bathhouse in the alley is a lingering feeling. For the 71 year old Huo Yanping old man, going to the bridge to see the show and bathing in the bathhouse are the two main ways of entertainment in the past.

The stone community is located at the intersection of the West and the Yuan Xing road. The tablet of "Yi Pin Xiang bathhouse" is inscribed on the arch above the street. It has been weathered with some mottling. "The two floor is a more elegant Ya er. It costs a lot to wash, and there's a waiter waiting. Downstairs is north and south big pond, sub temperature, heat, special hot three pools, the door flashing neon lights. There is a window on the opposite side, which sells some daily necessities, and sells watermelons in summer. Although the bathhouse has vanished, but from Huo Yanping's memory, we can still have a glimpse of the busy time here half a century ago.

It is a delight to mention that the old style hotel of Feng Ze yuan, which is still flourishing in the community. Li Yonghai, 72, lived in Pei Ying Hutong for a lifetime, and witnessed the first appearance of the "high level quadrangle".

Compared with the Chande pavilion next to it, the top of the flagship Shandong cuisine is quite expensive. When he was six or seven years old, Li Yonghai followed his father to cook a meat dish. The feeling of "delicious" kept him awake until now: Nine turn the fat intestines, the crystal elbow, and the fragrant and soft rotten, even if the eighty year old old man uses his mouth lightly to "suck away", the entrance is changed. The golden silk roll and the silver silk roll are large, and the noodles on both ends are very clear and chewed in the mouth. What makes the old man sigh more often is that in the era of material shortage, people are satisfied with the smiling faces and the simple and real happiness.

Open up the story collection of Da Palan stone community, these vivid stories told by old households and witnesses can be found everywhere. The ordinary brick tiles on the street corner are vivid and vivid because of the memories of the past. They also arouse the strong feelings and resonance of the people.

Wang Jinghu, the descendant of "God of heaven", recalls how the great grandfather Wang Yaoqing walked out of the stone community and grew up to be an outstanding Peking Opera educator. The four famous denominator, including the Peking Opera master Mei Lanfang, once taught him the grand occasion.

In 1982, Man Rongqing, a teacher who was transferred to Palm Tree Street Primary School, described the schoolhouse as "four storeyed buildings", which is very conspicuous in the cottage area. It is said that the building is built with the rest of the material for building the Great Hall of the people, the materials are the best, and the plain cement floor is shiny and bright, which is the best school in the area at that time. The primary school, which no longer exists, seems to be reappearing through the lines.

Each family has a story of every community to map into a community culture map.

"In the hearts of the people of Beijing, the area is particularly famous. Collecting these stories is actually a kind of excavation of community culture. " Touching the three "story collection" with exquisite binding, Li Xiaohui, Secretary of the stone Community Party committee, has been repeatedly regrets. She said frankly that she did not think that this project could last for years, and that the story of "the common people" was more and more abundant.

Li Xiaohui recalled that the idea of collecting community stories originated in the summer of 2015, and a community training program attended the concept of "community culture map", which made her realize that culture can actually unite people's hearts. In 1992, he lived in Da Palan, and served as community secretary in 2000. Li Xiaohui lived and worked in Hutong for a long time, but many things were only heard, probably not very clear. "For example, the neighborhood office of the neighborhood committee was first reported to be the wife of Rui Xiang Xiang. In fact, many things are related to past events, that is, we do not know.

In Li Xiaohui's view, there are 13 alleys in the stone community. In recent years, with the gradual removal of households or the death of the elderly, perhaps the information is broken. "Collate community stories in order to retain these valuable experiences and insights. It is also hoped that the present residents will have a better understanding of the people in the community and enhance their sense of community identity.

The idea is, whether it can be done or not and how to do it. "In conjunction with the resources we already have, we should go to the neighborhood committees to chat with people who know more about the age, who are more capable of expression and who are likely to have stories in their homes. At the same time, they also put up posters and widely solicited messages from various WeChat groups." Li Xiaohui said frankly, at the beginning, what we did not know was the story reunion. In order to make the content wide and rhythmic, we had to expand the topic area as far as possible. "We plan to write 10 stories in a book, and we need to know nearly 20 subjects in the collection stage, then choose and decide which ones are more suitable."

The theme of the story is fixed. How should the residents' straightforward recount fall on the paper? The community has launched resources widely, and has joined many years of research activities in the Xinyi Community Building Research Center, Tsinghua University, and the Beijing social work service center. In a few months, everyone visited "target residents" and revised the manuscript again and again. By the beginning of 2016, the first "story collection" came out. "Eight great alleys have been known from ancient times, and the Stone City of Shaanxi has finally expressed the folk version."

Say hello to the public and take part in the activity by bus.

The first attempt was successful, and "story collection" continued to continue to dig. The two or three phase came into being. The latest one was printed in the early autumn of this year. 500 volumes were printed in each issue and distributed to community residents for free reading.

Looking at the current thirty stories, in addition to the old buildings, historical and cultural celebrities and so on, the "mortal kindness" that reflects the deeds of the residents also occupies a considerable weight. Among them, the story of the "stone community assistance service team" is the most touching story. New year's Eve dumplings, Dragon Boat Festival to send zongzi, birthday to do "party"... The volunteer team, which has been running for eight years, not only makes up for the shortcomings of children who are busy with work or have no time to care for the elderly in the field, but also improves the trivial details of community public service.

Yang Shuxiang, the 67 year old captain of the elderly service team, recalled that the opportunity for the establishment of the team should be traced back to 2010. The community Party Committee convened a meeting of the residents activists to discuss how to carry out the activities of "100 families". From the experience of taking care of the elders and neighbors in the family, she felt that the old man was most afraid of loneliness, so he proposed to set up a team to chat with the elderly.

Yang Shuxiang's proposal was answered by more than 30 retired mothers. With the support of the community Party committee, everyone soon set up the organizational structure of "one president and five sub presidents" and grouped "12 key elderly people". "Basically, they are over 80 years old, no children, and low income. They go home once a week. Yang Shuxiang introduced that with the growth of the elderly service team, the age of the service was relaxed to 75 years old, and finally reached the full coverage of the community over 65 years old.

Of course, the task of generalizations to "chatting" is just a joke. Over the years, the elderly have been accompanied by the elderly, shopping, housework, cleaning and so on. These trivial things that everyone regarded as "doing nothing" is too much and too thin for Yang Shuxiang to list. What she is more impressed is the sincere feelings of herself and the players facing the old people.

"There are knitted players in the team, and gloves are sent to the elderly. One day we went to the old man's house and found that the old man was asleep in the bed. He was very moved when he wore the gloves we didn't pick.

"Now the weather is orders, windy and rainy, worried that the old man is afraid or the house is leaking, and a member of the WeChat group will go to the old man's house. Some elderly people could not help crying, saying, "my son hasn't called me yet, so you're here." In fact, what we do for the elderly is really ordinary, but their kind of feeling makes people feel very successful and can't put them down any longer.

In Li Xiaohui's view, the old age team provides practical help for the elderly in the community, and at the same time, leads the whole community to have a harmonious and intimate relationship. "Although living in a Hutong area before, it is also limited to several knowledge at the door. If you want to organize something, you have to persuade people to talk about it, and you can get a piece of soap. " She laughs. Now it is obvious that residents' enthusiasm for community activities has been enhanced, and even residents who have moved away have come back to participate in activities by bus. "A harmonious and intimate atmosphere has been formed, and we have been spontaneous and willing to be enriched and happy in the process of giving."



Source: Wei Jing, Beijing Evening News

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