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Fengzeyuan taste? What is the legend of Wang Yaoqing? Dashanlan community about "old Beijing"

2018-11-06 14:10 beijing evening news TF010

A bathhouse carrying the kind of old Beijing people's feelings? Fengzeyuan taste for decades how to let a person remember? "Four famous" artist Wang Yaoqing what story? This year, each of the 10 stories.

Over the years, Dashanlan Street stone community "alley story" has been up to third this. Time-honored history changes, mortal charity famous people and residents around, which is full of Beijing heritage of the vivid story, in the "story" of mining, record, save and spread.

A "fengzeyuan" delicious feeling took 60 years

"Golden Rooster called soup without first heat, rising sun guest house", in the hearts of old Beijing Hutong bathhouse is the lingering affection. For the 71 year old Huo Yanping, went to see the show and bridge to the bathhouse bath, is past the mainstream way of leisure and entertainment.

Small stone community Chunshu alley Nishiguchi and Yuan Xing lined at the intersection, "a bath" and a plaque engraved in the street above the arches, has some mottled weathering. The two floor is the senior inter ya, take a price and serve. Downstairs is the north and South long pond, warm, hot, hot pool three, door flashing neon lights. The child has a window with shops selling some daily necessities, summer and watermelon......" The baths were gone, but the memory of Huo Yanping, still a lively time here more than half a century ago.

And mention the time-honored fengzeyuan hotel within the community is still booming business, everybody is talking about. 72 year old Li Yonghai in the Pui Ying Hutong live a lifetime, the first appearance of witness fengzeyuan "high level courtyard".

Compared with the Changde hall next to the main cuisine fengzeyuan some high-grade, civilians to a quite rare. At the age of six or seven, Li Yonghai followed his father opened the second stroke, "delicious" feeling that he has not forgotten: Nine turn broth, crystal pork flavor, soft rotten, even eighty years old, with the mouth gently suck out of the entrance. Wire coil, Steamed Rolls big ends exposed silk noodles arrhizus clear, chewing in the mouth sweet...... The old man frequently lamented that lack of time because people taste the delicious exposed smile at that meet the material, and the simple real happiness.

Open the "famous stone community story", the old tenants, witnesses told a vivid story can be found everywhere. The corner of the street lane of the ordinary brick vine attached to the memories of the past and stereo vivid, more aroused people rich feelings and sympathy --

"Beauty guru" descendants of Wang Jinghu, recalling how big soulful ancestors Wang Yaoqing out from the stone community, to become a distinguished educator, including Peking Opera, Peking Opera master Mei Lanfang, the "four famous" have worked from his pomp.

1982 years to palm oblique coach Man Rongqing Street primary school teacher, the school will be described as "four storey building in the cottage area is very conspicuous. It is said that the building was built by the Great Hall of the people the remaining material quantity are the best, flat cement surface shiny, was the best condition of Dashanlan area elementary school." This has gone through primary school, as if between the lines at once.

Every hospital has story into a community cultural map

"In the hearts of Beijing, Dashanlan area especially famous. A collection of these stories, in fact, is a kind of mining community culture." Three touch this beautifully "story", stone community party secretary Li Xiaohui feeling again and again. She admitted that she did not think that this project can even do a few years, and the "people's story" more and more rich.

Li Xiaohui recalled, the initiation of the idea origin story collection community in the summer of 2015, to participate in a community training about concept of community cultural map ", she realized that culture is to unite the people. 1992 to 2000 served as secretary of the community, the fence, Li Xiaohui in the Hutong life and work for a very long time, but many things have only heard about, is not very clear. "Such as neighborhood now office courtyard, the earliest is said to the shopkeeper gave her dowry runfuxiang. In fact, there are many things associated with the things of the past, is that we don't know."

In Li Xiaohui's view, the stone community 13 alley, can be said that every hospital has a story. In recent years, with the residents gradually moved out, or the death of the elderly, perhaps these information is broken. "The community is finishing story, in order to preserve these precious experiences and insights. Also hope that the present understanding of things the community residents once, enhance the community identity."

The idea there, concrete can do, how to do, but also from the real advance. "With already available resources, we put on the age is more knowledgeable and expression ability are strong, in the home may have stories of people go to the neighborhood to chat, but also posted a poster in each micro channel message collecting widely." Li Xiaohui said, we are not sure at first out of the "story" is what, in order to make the content coverage, have a sense of rhythm, must try to expand the topic areas. "We are going to write a Book 10 story collection stage have to understand nearly 20 Themes, and then select and determine which is more appropriate."

The theme of the story was straightforward and how residents back onto the paper? The community to mobilize resources, to years of practice in Dazhalan area Tsinghua University Lutheran Community Building Research Center, and the first Beijing social work service center and other institutions, colleges and universities, volunteers, professional social workers, senior media person. For several months, everybody visited the "target population" repeatedly revised manuscript. At the beginning of 2016, the first "story", "eight ancient Hutong, Shaanxi Baishun Stone City" finally got the expression of the folk version of the.

Greetings at most one to take a bus to participate in activities

The first successful attempt, "story" to continue mining, two or three came into being, this is the latest one early autumn of this year completed before printing. Each printed 500 copies, issued to the community residents free reading.

Browse thirty stories at present, in addition to time-honored old buildings, historical and cultural celebrities and other content, reflect the residents' deeds of the "human kindness" also occupied a considerable weight, among which the "stone community service team" the most touching story. On the eve of the dragon boat festival dumplings, dumplings, birthday do "party"...... Residents of the volunteer team has been running for eight years, not only for children because of the busy work or to care for the elderly in the field of defects, but also improve the community public service difficult to reach all the minor details.

Help service team sponsors, the 67 year old captain Yang Shuxiang recalled, the establishment of the team the opportunity to be traced back to 2010 Community Party Committee convened a meeting of resident activists, how to carry out the "hundred house" activities to discuss. She take care of the elders, usually from the experience of the old neighborhood feel, the elderly are most afraid of loneliness, so he proposed to set up a team, to accompany the elderly chat".

Yang Shuxiang's proposal was more than 30 in response to a retired aunt, community party support, everybody will soon establish "organizational structure of a president, five branch president", and group "contract" 12 key old man. "Which are over 80 years old, no children, low income households, each week, unshakable." Yang Shuxiang introduced, with the help service team is constantly growing, the service object of age up to 75 years of age, eventually reaching the community over the age of 65, full coverage needs of elderly.

Of course, the shoulder responsibilities summed up as "chat" everybody just half jokingly said. Over the years, the company provides more than for the service of the elderly, buy things, doing housework, cleaning and so on, is already the players daily. These are all regarded as "easy" things too fine, Yang Shuxiang has no intention to enumerate. She is feeling, and the players themselves in the face of the elderly, the pure heart surging -- often the truth

"The players there are woven knitted gloves to the old master, sent to. One day we went to the home for the elderly, found the old man fell asleep in bed, wearing gloves we sent not pick, looked particularly touched."

Now the weather is windy and rainy orders, scared or worried about the old house Water Leakage, WeChat group about a player, ran the old man. Some elderly people see we couldn't help crying, "my son didn't call me, you came." In fact, we do for the elderly really very ordinary, but they appreciate that, let people have a sense of achievement, for they could not put."

In Li Xiaohui's view, helping team provide practical help at the same time for the elderly community, but also led the entire community harmony close. "In the past, though living in the alley, several understanding is limited at the door, greeted at the words" eaten ". Want to organize what thing had to say, go, but also brought soap." She said with a smile, now obviously feel the residents of the community activities to enhance the enthusiasm of the residents, and even has been removed, sitting in the bus back to participate in activities. "Formed a harmonious and intimate atmosphere, all voluntary, enriched and happy in the process of giving in."



Source: Beijing evening news Wei Jing

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