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Beijing, the western suburbs of Haidian City Auto Parts Industrial Park transformation of civil military integration is expected to increase two times annual income

2018-11-06 15:33 beijing evening news TF017

A total of 128 acres of land, without expanding the size of the case, the merchant was reduced from 800 to more than 50, reducing the flow of people a day from 20 thousand to 4000, from 56 million yuan a year income is expected to increase to 170 million yuan...... Haidian District is located in the western suburbs of the town of Sijiqing City auto parts after 3 years of reform has been basically completed the transformation, officially became the civil military integration in Zhongguancun industrial park.

Simple and modern office building, garden green park, Zhongguancun into the integration of military and civilian industrial park is located in the northeast corner of Sijiqing bridge, has been completely unable to find the original Western Auto Parts City shadow. Industrial Park Party branch secretary Li Jiandong introduction, the current 55 enterprises have signed up, both military group subordinate enterprises, there are good people to join the army enterprise, business involves the Navy, army and air force, strategic rocket forces, support troops, armed forces and other arms.

Into the hall, in order to truly feel the core characteristics of civil military integration in the industrial park. A company's booth, display a bunch of green gel like objects, some soft touch up, but with a hammer had immediately become extremely hard. This is a shock absorbing material, hit by external force, able to absorb energy and become hard, play a protective role. The staff, this material has been widely used in civil and military fields, such as sports motorcycle riding, police protection, protection etc..

In another booth, the reporter picked up a very small light transparent tube, tube with some white precipitate, a flash, the sediment would like snowflakes float. Originally, this is called aerogel solid material, is the world's lightest. The staff, this is the lowest coefficient of thermal conductivity of nano porous structure materials, if made of fabric, the traditional fiber insulation effect is 5 to 10 times, not only insulation against the cold, the service life is long; if made of aerogel insulation, with flexibility, inhibition of radiation and so on, can be used for aerospace equipment.

Li Jiandong introduction, industrial park will create a fourth generation industrial park, "park is 4.0". "Park 1.0 only provides basic property services, property and other 2.0 can provide the park service, park 3.0 to establish service standard, park 4.0 is sharing in the industry." In many areas of research and development, the military standard system and different places, sometimes because of the "language" used to different dialogue. The park has begun to provide docking "Mandarin" standard for both military and civilian, and eventually formed a promotion, you can copy, certified the integration of military and civilian industrial park 4.0 standard system, more precise docking, reach a cooperation, joint research and development innovation.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Ye Xiaoyan

Editor: TF017

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