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Beijing Dongcheng District Street comprehensive "big department system reform appoint people to solve difficult community specialist

2018-11-06 15:34 beijing evening news TF017

In May this year, took the lead in the three street pilot reform of super ministry system, starting from today will be officially in the East in full swing. Reporters from the mobilization meeting today learned that the East 17 Street will be fully open in the reform of community management system, streamline the organization at the same time, send 159 community specialist and assistant, found the first time, coordinate and solve the people around troubles.

Data for photo: An Xudong

As a direct service for the masses of the government agencies, in the operation process for many years, the streets encountered various problems, leading the masses to solve the urgent need to solve the problem is not timely, not completely. In May this year, the first in Chaoyangmen, Dongcheng and Dongzhimen East Three Street pilot street management system reform, also is the "big" system reform, the streets of the original 25 departments and 4 institutions, integrated into a comprehensive security office, party work office, community construction office, security office, the people's livelihood, peace community office city management office six office building and service center, community service center, administrative service center, management center "four center"; retain the discipline committee, the establishment of integrated Street enforcement team.

Dongzhimen Street Committee Secretary Xiao Gang told reporters, Dongcheng District every month to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the city grid management on 17 street, respectively, to evaluate the order, safety, environment etc.. In the pilot, Dongzhimen street has been ranked in the whole East 17 street after 3 position. The pilot and just a few months, Dongzhimen street has ranked in the top three positions, most months ranked in the first place.

A new set of community is the reform of the Commissioner position. Words of Dongcheng District Standing Committee of Ministers of the organization Wang Qingwang, Commissioner of the community, on the one hand to pierce the service of the masses last one "window paper", on the other hand is to make a bridge between the street and the community".

Being the generous community and fresh community specialist, Gong Xinyu a lot of black skin than before. He joked: "all day in the street patrol and collect the opinions of the residents, suddenly became outdoor workers." In WeChat communication Gong Xinyu's book, there are a lot of "residents" remarks of friends. "These are several residents of a new addition, after contact I find they are community opinion leaders, most of the residents' needs I can learn from them. Their comments I recorded this, I also like everybody made a "military order", must not disappoint them."

The reporter learned that, in addition to the community specialist, Dongcheng District will add the position of Assistant Commissioner of community. The community specialist principle held by zhengkeji leading cadres, each community specialist is responsible for the 1 to the 3 community work. The community specialist assistant served by some deputy section level leading cadres. The community will serve as an assistant commissioner and Street Committee, offices in the community full-time cadres, to guide and assist the community committees, community committees to carry out a comprehensive work.

In the morning of the deployment of the general assembly, the East will sent 7 working groups to guide street work, 14 Street will quickly held a mobilization meeting, the street team democratic life and Party organizational life, the adjustment of internal organs, the staff quickly put in place.


Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF017

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