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Asian tourists injured crocodile stone pelters the Zachu 3 cm wound only to test it.

2018-11-06 17:20 beijing evening news TF019

At present, the heat transfer network, "tourists with stones injured crocodile" incident, in November 5th, the world wild wild zoo director Xu Zhanhui told reporters in Xiamen, because there is no monitoring, it is difficult to find the slinger.

Crocodiles in the zoo. The Xinhua News Agency for map

Xu Zhanhui told reporters, was hit by the Crocodile River, a body length of 6 meters, weighing 1.25 tons of crocodile, a person in Taiwan in 2017 to the zoo, because the figure is huge, in Taiwan has been called the "crocodile king". A few days ago, the "River" by tourists injured by stones, "because it seems it is motionless, tourists want to be alive". At present, the "small river" after the injury still lives in the area, the park staff daily for the treatment of.

For the "River" was injured, Xu Zhanhui was very angry, "is used much energy to put thick crocodile smashed!?" According to him, many times before tourists with a stone harassment crocodile, but the crocodile smashed or for the first time. The injured crocodile stones up to 17 cm in diameter, directly led to the emergence of a "River" head up to 3 cm wound.

According to Xu Zhanhui disclosed that at present they have asked the district police to help find the stone pelters, but because the zoo opened less than a year, is still in the stage of trial operation, the monitoring equipment is not yet complete, is not easy to find slinger. At present, just listen to the audience witnessed the tourists said, "is the one with the children of men throw".

He also told reporters that the park had already established the fence, but there is always someone lying on the railing to throw things. Considering the characteristics of wild zoo, animal and tourists will not be completely isolated. The next step will be to strengthen the management, expand the park patrol officers, to prevent harassment of the animal visitors. According to reports, the crocodile was injured a thing, the zoo has contact with the local police station, the transfer of live video images, looking for the tourists.

The zoo confirmed through communication with the police, crocodile belongs to endangered species, in accordance with the "People's Republic of China wild animal protection law" and "Public Security Management Punishment Law" and other relevant laws and regulations, the intentional harm of endangered wild animal behavior has made illegal, state organs have the right to pursue legal responsibilities related to the tourists.

Source: Beijing evening news channel Herald

Editor: TF019

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