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FedEx upgrade import transport solutions to promote China import trade

2018-11-06 13:14 beijing evening news TF003

The Chinese International Import Expo, FedEx announced the promotion of a series of imported goods transportation solutions in the China market, optimize the import goods transportation process, support the development of Chinese import trade with innovative technology, efficient service.

As one of the earliest imported multinational companies were invited to participate in the Expo, FedEx made adequate preparations for the exhibition, we launched a number of imported logistics services with innovative solutions to customers at home and abroad have brought the convenience of purchasing logistics wisdom, grasp the opportunities to create Import Expo club.

Senior vice president of FedEx, Chinese District President Chen Jialiang said: "FedEx is global trade promoters, we also participated in and witnessed the development of Chinese economy. Chinese Import Expo is open to the world market, and to promote a major move of trade exchanges, FedEx very honored to participate in the exhibition, the comprehensive strength of the company to overseas buyers, import logistics service will have breakthrough innovation to recommend to overseas buyers."

Based on the characteristics of China market, FedEx imports of goods from the simplified process, using the company's global network advantage of the application of scientific and technological means and the use of rich experience in customs clearance, promotion and the development of a series of imported goods transportation service programs, including:

Add new online check imported automation tools. In. Add new the FedEx Ship Manager imported automation tools make China checked importers no need to dial the FedEx customer service hotline, can take direct online arrange import shipment, and choose to check, to control the cost and delivery of pick-up speed. The importer can create online import shipping labels and customs documents, and there is no need to share your account information can be shared and supplier data. For China importers, this is a fully automated solution, simple and efficient.

To enhance the response speed of the exotic pickup service ". Now Chinese importers of customers in the domestic call FedEx customer service phone, from other markets in the Asia Pacific region for import shipments to China FedEx, the response time is shortened from 1-3 days to 2 hours, can complete the pickup in the transport of the fastest, the recipient can receive the goods in the domestic parts.

Expand the import of cross-border e-commerce solutions". FedEx and customs cooperation on cross-border e-commerce retail (business to consumer goods, namely B2C) launched the "one-stop" customs clearance solutions. Is currently on the market other B2C cross-border import goods customs clearance mode, the advantage of this scheme is obviously efficient customs clearance, immediately transfer the sun. Whether cross-border e-commerce retail import tax policy within the limits of imported goods or exceeds the limit, the fastest can achieve the day of release. To greatly enhance the efficiency of customs clearance of imported goods at the same time, in the shortest possible time so that the electricity supplier customer and end consumer transactions can be completed, so that both can have efficient service experience. This scheme has been in the Guangzhou port before FedEx successfully, and has expanded to Beijing port, north to benefit more business customers.

In addition, FedEx continue to strengthen the network of transportation and infrastructure investment, to meet customer Chinese development of import and export business needs. In January this year, officially opened at the Shanghai Pudong International Airport FedEx international express freight center and Shanghai. The center to help customers in East China more quickly with FedEx's global network, a total area of 134 thousand square meters, is the largest facility of the same type of Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

In April this year the opening of a new global route, for the first time in Guangzhou in connection China FedEx Asia Pacific transshipment center is located in the United States and Memphis FedEx global super transit center to meet between Asia and North American market demand. In August, once again launched a new route, directly connected in Guangzhou FedEx Asia Pacific transshipment center and the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi. In 2017, two new global routes in Shanghai, connecting the United States and European main city.

In the Import Expo, FedEx has an area of 180 square meters booth in service trade area. To connect more people and possibilities as the theme, the booth design FedEx into a tarmac scene, it stops a FedEx 777 cargo plane model, through the full open exhibition space, give visitors an immersive experience, to help them understand the full range of FedEx international logistics services and import solution.

A model plane arranged in front of a VR experience area, visitors can enjoy the FedEx Memphis transit center super strong operational capabilities, efficient logistics operation experience personally on the scene to bring the advanced express sorting system. The body part is using 3D imaging technology, display FedEx for medical care, electronic commerce and the three auto industry vertical logistics solutions, and through the simulation model to show the way the company had transport rarity.

Reporter Meng Huan

Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF003

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