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Beijing Daxing first "service pack" into the "China trough"

2018-11-06 12:58 beijing evening news TF003

In order to optimize the business environment, accurate service enterprise, Daxing District launched a comprehensive normalization of "service pack" system, provide housekeeping service for enterprises, tailored "service pack" to eat "reassurance enterprise".

Optimize the business environment, accurate service enterprises, Daxing District go ahead. In November 5th, Daxing District normal "service pack" started, "China Valley" 10 bio pharmaceutical key enterprises, the first batch of "send customized services", to provide enterprises with "one to one" quality service. During the year, Daxing District will also implement "service pack" system of the hundred key enterprises full coverage.

"Service pack" is in Beijing city and optimize the business environment innovation practice, not only according to the positioning of the enterprise to provide inclusive policy integration, to solve the problem of information asymmetry, and the bottleneck and help enterprises to set up and meet the need to coordinate the development of enterprises is difficult, according to the law of tailored solutions. "Daxing District service package launched the implementation of both the city's" specific measures of service package "working mechanism, it is Daxing District to further promote the optimization of innovative business environment, accurate service of the enterprise.

Butler service of "one to one" accurate service industry key enterprises

Daxing District development and Reform Commission responsible person, as close to the needs of the enterprise, Daxing District to establish "butler service co-ordination mechanism. The district development and Reform Commission is the region docking services enterprises "general manager", the relevant department is in charge of counterpart enterprises "service".

Specifically, the district development and Reform Commission as "general manager" responsible for the overall coordination, to "focus on the development of service demands of the enterprise service feedback, in conjunction with the research by relevant departments, summary and classification of the completion of the various fields Sheqi service matters and supporting policies, the formation of" service pack "; at the same time the service manager to coordinate and supervise" do business "service pack" on the implementation of commitments. The Department in charge of industry as "service", to establish contact with key enterprises "through train" system, in accordance with the "responsive, no matter not disturbing" principle, the industry and the field of enterprise to carry out regular visits to research, strengthen the policy service enterprise research, reserves and build, precise measures and policies to help enterprises solve practical difficulties.

One policy tailored for the enterprise "service pack"

It is worth mentioning that the Daxing District "service pack" adhere to the "one policy, support the development of the enterprise policy integration," general manager "by the Daxing District development and Reform Commission coordination service manager of each department, according to industry development planning and industrial policy of policy interpretation book; the specific service items brought to enterprises by." general manager "according to the opinions and suggestions to study and formulate specific service measures, a clear division of responsibilities and deadlines. "Service pack" will be updated dynamically according to the actual situation, and will feedback to the enterprise.

It is reported that Daxing District "service pack" is the biggest bright spot is to provide inclusive services, and provide personalized service. The relevant person in charge, inclusive services is mainly based on the positioning of the enterprise to provide inclusive policy integration, solve the problem of asymmetric information, such as the "Butler" government services, optimize land supply, increase the financial and tax support, improve the public service facilities and other aspects of the implementation of the policy. At present, Daxing District has developed "1+N" industrial policy system, regulate the Daxing District optimize the business environment. The administrative examination and approval procedures. Personalized service is mainly aimed at the bottleneck and help enterprises to set up and meet the need to coordinate the development of enterprises is difficult, according to the law to develop solutions.

Ten companies won the first batch of Daxing District service package"

The same day, Daxing District first "service pack" into the "Chinese Valley", power companies continue to grow. Daxing District received the first batch of "service pack", "Chinese Valley" of Beijing Yiling pharmaceutical enterprise general manager Zhang Zhiguang very excited. He said, "the actual action Daxing District district government" service package "to allow businesses to feel Daxing District optimize the business environment, service enterprise normalization, adhere to the" four "to allow private enterprises inspired, full of confidence. The development of the enterprise cannot do without the concern and support of the Daxing District government and biological medicine base of the CMC, Daxing District is a piece of land for private enterprises. Companies in the development process of Daxing in the 10 years of Daxing District, CMC has been steadfast rigorous service for enterprises, so that we moved and excited. Beijing Yiling will take this as an opportunity, and the biological medicine base CMC a firm confidence, seize the opportunity, adhere to independent innovation, focus on core competitiveness of science and technology, intentnesses to run the business, promote academic innovation and development of Chinese medicine industry, to promote the modernization and internationalization of traditional Chinese medicine!"

Tian Dexiang, director of enterprise service biomedical base management committee said that the Daxing District "service pack" was officially launched, the business environment has brought new opportunities for biomedical base optimization. As the butler service, the next step will be the establishment of CMC Industry Research Institute and public service platform. The establishment of Institute of Industrial Science and technology services company in Daxing biological medicine base, the construction of a public service platform for gene and protein, preparation, promote the pharmaceutical industry to accelerate the incubation. Play the existing funds, talents and service advantages, further encourage technological innovation, encourage the transformation, encourage talents landing policy, market, policy development, build collaborative development platform. Continue to do fine measures to provide an efficient and convenient public services, promote the health industry collaborative innovation, and strive to build the Daxing biological medicine base has become the domestic and foreign influence Chinese trough!

Previously, Daxing District held the reform and optimize the business environment conference, announced 10 Xing Service measures. The next step in Daxing District will accelerate into the enterprise to take practical action to support the development of enterprises, for enterprises to send the information to send the policy, delivery service, send warmth. (Daxing District Propaganda Department Wang Yan feeds)

Photo by An Xudong

Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF003

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