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"Red light" and "high tripak seat" not compliance behavior can occur? "Pain points" are here!

2018-11-06 12:43 Theory Weekly Beijing daily TF003

We have to accept "no rules no Cheng Fangyuan" education, understand the world, everything has its own standard of the testimonies of the truth. We live in a society there are rules and rules and behavior system, have to abide by the code of conduct.

But there are people who do not abide by the rules, it is worth continuing each acts in his own way, attention and thinking. In fact, in recent years, ignored and violated the rules. It is often seen. twisted red light, small, high tripak seat, smoking in public places, in compliance with the rights, official corruption, etc., are all highlights a variety of hazards and risks caused by breaking the rules. And this kind of weakness or lack of awareness of the rules of common, has become the promotion of social governance modernization and constructing modern social governance pattern of the main challenge and the short board.


The social transformation has not been completed and the traditional historical and cultural relics, is the result of lack of awareness of the rules of the modern cultural foundation.

Awareness of the rules by the traditional cultural value influence. It is well known that Chinese traditional society has two characteristics: one is the "rule of man" instead of "rule of law"; two is the acquaintance society instead of stranger society. Social acquaintances by blood, geopolitical and industry margin relationships and the human, the formation of "pattern of difference", according to relatives form different rules. Insiders and outsiders will be different, but also because of the social rules whether members belong to the "circle" is different. The "rules", the traditional It differs from man to man. has essentially lost the meaning of modern rules. This tradition has spread so far, become a serious obstacle in the process of social modernization, and the construction of modern social rule system requires the formation of conflict.


The distorted values and "unspoken rule" prevailed intertwined, undermines the value foundation of rule consciousness. The correct value is the foundation of rule consciousness.

After the reform and opening up, the market economy to fully stimulate the human nature factor at the same time, will also cause too much emphasis on the pursuit of self-interest, even at the expense of the adverse value outlook. In the absence of more powerful social rules and stick to the implementation of the case, the bad values caused many "informal rules" or "unspoken rule".

The orderly development of the society, depends on the public rules are widely implemented, rather than "informal rules" spread. On the contrary, if some people from breaking the rules and abide by the rules of the profit, but for the majority interests, it will form a "bad money drives out good money" phenomenon, namely with the rule of law and moral foundation significant rules were expelled, undermine the rule of law spirit and moral basis of the unspoken rules become a guide to action, ignore or refuse to comply with the rules of the consciousness will be among the members of society to increase expansion. In the course of time, it will form a vicious spiral distortion and lack of awareness of the rules, the variation of social values.


Due to the lack of institutional constraint rules lack of implementation, reduce the authority of the rule.

Domestic and international experience shows that violations of law is one of the most important and maintain the dignity of law is the most effective means of lax enforcement of the law will inevitably lead to rampant illegal phenomenon. So is the rule.

Generally, some of the basic rules of our country are not strictly enforced and compliance, associated with the lack of effective means of restraint, illegal cost is too low. Because the system is ineffective or by human relations to resolve, so we do not take seriously, the lack of awe, especially in the "dominant ideology, law is not responsible for the public square effect would result in violations of the collective". The lack of effective restraint mechanism, will influence people's trust rules.


Lack of fuzzy rules and rules of propaganda, damage the cognitive basis of rule consciousness.

China's vast territory, large population, regional differences, the actual situation around the great differences, the rules often need to promulgate regulations more flexible, rather than a "blanket" policy, so that the country can adjust measures to local conditions, according to the actual situation of the refinement and fine-tuning of the provisions, but it also left some room for local autonomy. The fuzzy rules. Once the rule itself is not clear or not easy to understand, even for people of good motives to abide by the rules, in practice it is very difficult to do.

For example, for most people, "the red light stop, green line" is our most familiar with the traffic rules, which is the most common traffic rules of propaganda. This rule though catchy, simple and easy to understand, but it is far from clear to guide our traffic behavior. For example, red light stop should stop where? When the yellow light and how? In a turn of the traffic lights at the junction, non motor vehicle drivers should be red or green, or some other time?

Of course, our traffic rules of these are clearly defined, but in addition to traffic managers, lawyers, drivers and other groups must seriously study the traffic rules, most of the traffic rules is mainly self-taught by means of media publicity. The rules of the content of propaganda is not clear and not clear, easily lead to misunderstanding in people to obey the traffic rules, for example, many people illegally crossed the stop line parked on the sidewalk without knowing it.

To build the social governance structure to build shared governance, we must strengthen the cultivation of civic awareness of the rules and social quality, shape their healthy social mentality, and actively participate in public affairs, and social responsibility, active individual behavior norms of social habits. In the building construction of shared governance pattern in the process of social governance, we must adopt a multi pronged approach, both inside and outside of the measures, explore the institutional rules of concept into social members common moral standards and behavior, and the modern sense of social rules in the social members to build a shared governance vision of social governance effective way.

(the author is a professor at the Huang Chenxi School of East China Normal University social development)

Source: Beijing daily Theory Weekly

The editor: Gao Yang

Edit process: RB003

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