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The frequency of red light running aggressive driving auxiliary road retrograde, Beijing Taiwan lake light bridge, muck Truck Rampage

2018-11-06 15:14 beijing evening news TF017

On October 28th at 3:45 in the morning, Haidian District xingshikou road tragic accident occurred, a car traveling from north to south of the blue Volkswagen car passing through the intersection, the side is fast approaching the muck car hit a fly car on the spot "apart". This is not accidental accident, in recent years, xingshikou road car "rampage", travel to nearby residents to bring great security risks. After the news hit the papers, but also pay close attention to the relevant departments, on the road to a series of rectification. In addition to xingshikou Road, these days, the non emergency service center received many public calls, reflecting the car does not obey the traffic rules, the reporter also visited.

The traffic police stopped the cement tanker in xingshikou road stopped

Place a xingshikou Road

Comfortable car finally cleared away muck

On Friday afternoon, the reporter came to the intersection, xingshikou road and mountain road, the reporter saw, the traffic police and wardens are at serious duty, where encountered illegal vehicles especially muck cars, cement tankers and other large vehicles will intercept. More than 3 o'clock in the afternoon, at the scene really warm. The intersection is a group of school children crossing the road, the children cross the street side trot side laughing, went to the half, suddenly a red light, the vehicle is about to start, when the children have just started, the vehicle quickly decelerating avoidance, when this happens, a water mud tank just stopped by traffic police stopped, safety hidden trouble has been disappeared, near the parents of the students can relax.

In the mountain road, in the afternoon, the road has not a large muck truck traffic. Along the mountain road to the south, is the permanent diversion canal road car once entrenched (Vault Road), after treatment, the road has not see the trace of muck car. On the side of the road, every few hundred meters, there is a security personnel, they told reporters that they are from Sijiqing town government, the task is to strictly control the parked on the road muck car. "We have several people, the morning came, be on duty until ninety o'clock at night, muck car is cleaned away yesterday, today is good, no longer stop chaos phenomenon."

Place two Taiwan Lake

Frequently worried muck cars running red lights

Living in Taiwan lake, Mr. Wang said that in October 28th 4 in the afternoon, he took the children in Taiwan lake school, traveling along the four East shop. Traveling to the shop shop four road and road intersection, the east-west direction is green normal driving through Mr. Wang, but he just when approaching a junction, a car traveling south to north of the muck truck roaring.

"No slowing down, still whistling, but I just stepped on the brakes, when the distance from my car has been very close, children are frightened." Taken from Mr. Wang of the recorder video can be found, because this muck car to break the line, not only forced to stop Mr. Wang driving a private car will be a car traveling from east to west of the bus was forced to stop.

The sight of Mr. Wang was very angry, and immediately left to catch the car to break the line of muck cars, but in the lover's persuasion, Mr. Wang gave up. Mr. Wang believes that the time of the formal school, many parents carrying children in here after the car open to break the line caused a great security risk to children.

Yesterday afternoon, reporters came to the intersection of Pu Road and four Road shop, here half an hour Dunshou did not find the muck car after. Mr. Wang told reporters, in November this road muck car disappeared, but some time ago the experience he has fear, he don't want something like that happened in.

The location 3 Guangyang city subway station

Do not suck to don't abuse the car

Not long ago, Mr. Zhang driving near the private car traveling to the Fangshan District Guangyang city subway station, disputes due to traffic problems and a muck truck driver, was the muck truck driver pinned the vehicle and armed abuse. Later, Fangshan branch and Municipal Traffic Management Bureau of Fangshan traffic detachment in the investigation found, muck truck driver lvmou, and four penalty.

October 28th 17 am, Mr. Zhang traveling to the city station Chengtie Guangyang Road, a muck car to the rear lights flashing, Mr. Zhang did not give way. When the red light stop, get off the car window on the muck truck driver and abuse, Mr. Zhang did not ignore, after driving lights. Traveling to the suburban railway station intersection fence room, muck car by a U-turn Lane will Mr. Zhang parked in the car to the left turn lane to be forced to stop.

Muck truck driver off again armed with steel and continue to abuse, Mr. Zhang did not get off the whole, after the muck truck driver drove away. Mr. Zhang noted that from the side one after another passage of the muck car color and shape are almost the same, so speculation is the same team, but these car plates have different degrees of fouling, he could not see it clearly. After the incident, Mr. Zhang did not alarm, but the video on the net.

According to the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Fangshan branch official micro-blog bulletin, muck truck driver occurred lvmou driving traffic violations facing four penalties: driving a motor vehicle license plate is not clear, a fine of 200 yuan; the driving parts are not in conformity with the technical standards of motor vehicles, a fine of 200 yuan; driving the vehicle through a light controlled junctions, not according to the to the direction of travel into the guide lanes, a fine of 100 yuan, down 2; driving a motor vehicle in violation of traffic light, fined 200 yuan, recorded 6 points.

At the same time, because the lvmou within one scoring cycle cumulative score reached 12 points, Fangshan transportation Detachment Battalion Liangxiang legally withheld lvmou driving license. According to Lu to other abusive behavior bar owners, Fangshan police on suspicion of affray crime law to criminal detention, the case is now underway.

Place 4 Guangming Bridge

Worried muck cars on the roads retrograde

8 last night, the reporter went to the northeast corner of Guangming Bridge Road, the road of the West have begun to traffic jams, narrow roads have been two large muck cars blocked, one is ready to go retrograde, around the rider is angry and helpless, cursing, over and was hit. Slowly back, can step back no retreat, there are vehicles lined up. Two muck truck was completely ignored, slowly adjust the position, car, turn around, like dancing ballroom dancing.

Guangming Bridge muck car retrograde blocking the road

There is a road in the vicinity of the incident, the intersection has a construction site, from which two muck truck is blocking the road, 10 minutes, there are 4 muck truck in a cement tanker access to this. Light Qiaodongbeijiao roads are narrow, mostly coming to clean muck car crossed the street, at the intersection of parking or reversing position adjustment has become the norm, driving nearby residents said, this is the most terrible, such a narrow road, a large vehicle that is in no way suddenly reversing, let a person to hide. "I want to see an alarm at the time, this is the license plate number of mud guard dead, feel more angry!"

Residents said, after 7 o'clock every night, the muck truck, cement tanker. They are mixed in the flow of people and traffic, while the line for a while overtaking, people looked very worried. "Riding on the roads, suddenly saw a huge monster is inserted, scary."


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Jing Zhang Yiming Qu Qunchen Jingwei text and photo

Editor: TF017

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