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Beijing twenty-eighth "119" publicity activities started today, according to statistics the city's 40% fire at home

2018-11-06 11:51 beijing evening news TF010

This morning, Beijing twenty eighth "119" publicity activities, the launching ceremony held in Beijing Exhibition Center South Plaza Xicheng District. With the participation of all citizens, the prevention and control of fire "as the theme of the campaign, from November 1st to November 30th, according to the reporter, publicity during the month, Beijing will hold a" hundred field fire propaganda into the community volunteer activities.

The reporter saw at the launch ceremony, Beijing "13th Five-Year" period of the cause of the fire development and construction planning exhibition area, the social aspects of fire prevention and control display area, display area of the small station construction site set. Fire safety, gas safety, electrical safety interactive area also attracted a lot of people's eyes. In addition, ladders, car exhaust, bombing fire trucks and other vehicles, advanced equipment, equipment, depth and the excitement of the fire rescue exercise drills subjects also attracted many people stopped to visit.

According to Beijing city fire brigade commander Qi Yanjun, has always been in winter and spring is the season of high incidence of fire, the fire from the analysis of Beijing city in recent years, the city's 40% fire occurred in the household, almost all of the dead fire occurred in the place of residence.

Qi Yanjun said that during this year's fire awareness month, Beijing city will be "100 fire propaganda into the community volunteer activities. Relying on the activities of the Beijing City Fire Service Corps volunteers, recruited thousands of volunteer fire organizations united community police, property manager, grid members, community comprehensive management of social security staff, loumen Dean, fire ambassador, enthusiastic people into the fire public 100 community to carry out the theme of promotional activities, activities include theories, publicity materials, fire simulation experience, tour and other publicity boards. The key to the United States, deeply sick and elderly and other families to carry out publicity services, assist to check the fire, electricity, gas safety hazards. Today's launch ceremony, the participating leaders for the fire volunteer team conducted a flag.

In addition, the propaganda month period will also promote the implementation of the two "four". Guide to promote community fire station, small micro unit station to carry out "four" activities, namely, the unit over the investigation of the community fire hazards, teaching a fire knowledge lectures, organize a drills, making a period of winter and spring fire theme publicity boards.

Fire science education base open activities will start in the publicity month. City Fire Brigade Fire squadron organization open day activities, guide the area of staff and community residents, school teachers and students to visit and study the nearest fire brigade, interactive experience; coordination of open fire area Museum, museum, museum, public security disaster prevention team Historica, science education base, accepted an appointment to visit experience.



Source: Beijing evening news Zhang Yuwen.

Editor: TF10

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