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Gates appeared in Beijing to promote the new foundation for the development of the toilet, and then promised to invest $200 million

2018-11-06 11:46 beijing evening news TF010

This morning, Bill Gate appeared by the China Council, Bill and Melinda Gates foundation in Beijing jointly organized a new generation of toilet Expo, working in the global scope of the promotion of new products and from the net health system, in order to reduce the health safety and hygiene facilities caused by drag and economic losses. Reporters learned that the current global annual nearly five hundred thousand children under the age of five deaths due to unsafe health facilities, causing economic losses of more than $200 billion.

Data figure Xinhua News Agency

"The Expo show for the first time after the new toilet pilot test, it can effectively collect, management and disposal of human waste, is not a question of whether we can invent a new generation of technology, but we can spread this kind of off grid solutions as soon as possible." The Gates foundation co chairman Bill Gate said at the opening ceremony of the Expo, the Gates foundation pledged to invest $200 million for the continued development of new products, thereby reducing the cost for the poor health.

Reporters on the scene saw the model from the net solution, by means of Chinese, the United States, India, Thailand enterprises in the exposition on the release of the world's first generation can kill the pathogens of the "new generation toilet" and called "universal processor" (omniprocessor) of the small waste treatment plant, this scheme can not only harmful kill the pathogens in feces, feces can be transformed into water, fertilizer and other products, and there is no need to connect sewer or tap water pipe. According to the Gates foundation said that from the beginning of 2011, the Gates foundation has invested more than $200 million, for the early development of new generation toilet and universal processor.

World Bank President Jin Yong, China CCPIT vice president Chen Zhou also attended the opening ceremony today. It is understood that the world bank, the Asian Development Bank and the African Development Bank and other financial institutions also promised in the Expo, is expected to provide up to $2 billion 500 million in financial support for full coverage of the city health project, so that every corner of the city can be used on the safety management of health service. It is understood that this is the largest dedicated commitment so far to make city health.



Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF10

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