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Electronic equipment damage children's mental health? A US study shows an hour is a key node

2018-11-06 11:56 beijing evening news TF019

According to a US study, if the children use the intelligent mobile phone, computer and television terminal electronic equipment every time more than one hour, will hurt the mental health. The longer, more damage.

Parents and children use electronic equipment. Li Jia mapping

More than 4.4 people aged 2 to 17 years old children, researchers from University of Georgia and California State University of San Diego participated in the 2016 national survey of children's health of their parents, please fill in the questionnaire, including the children every day using the computer, mobile phone and other electronic device screen time, medical and mental health status.

The researchers found that after the analysis of the questionnaire, one hour daily screen time is the key node affecting the health of children's psychology. Less than an hour, regardless of whether they come in contact with these electronic devices, mental health status is almost no difference. If more than one hour, the longer the more poor sense of inner happiness, the higher the risk of anxiety or depression, self-control and emotional stability is worse, curiosity also decreased.

This association in the low to 2 year old children can be reflected in children are more prominent. For example, 2 to 5 years old children, the probability of screen time elders emotion difficult to heal than less screen time for children with high 46%, the probability of temper is twice that of the latter. The average daily screen time more than 7 hours of adolescent depression or anxiety risk two times on the screen time is less than one hour. The average daily screen time more than 7 hours 14 years to 17 years old adolescents Sicheng unable to complete the assigned task.

Source: Beijing evening news Xinhua News Agency reporters: Wang Xinfang

Editor: TF019

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