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The 2019 national tourism ticket sale! Free of charge value of nearly 100 thousand yuan

2018-11-06 11:29 Beijing daily client TF003

The number of scenic spots recently lift ticket price surge, travel ticket also allows visitors to save a lot of cost of tickets. Today (6) morning, the 2019 national tourism ticket sale beautiful land. The ticket containing 28 provinces and autonomous regions nationwide 1378 scenic spots in 200 City, free of charge value of nearly 10 million yuan, of which 1001 free unlimited and 338 free of charge, 39 discount.

The 2019 national tourism ticket appearance. The beautiful land of tourism year ticket office / for map

2019 national tourism ticket includes 5A 23, 4A 350 scenic spots, free of charge 100 yuan area reached 240, compared to last year annual update 500 a number of well-known scenic spots and venues.

According to reports, the 2019 national tourism ticket launched a total of 9 version, Henan version, southwest and south to the national unified edition version priced 128 yuan issue, Beijing version, edition, North China, East China Qilu edition version, northwest version is still 98 yuan price issue, each version has about 10 only in the exclusive area use.

Among them, the Beijing edition includes the world park, Badaling wild zoo 10 exclusive national scenic area, open area, the Beijing Tianjin Hebei area a total of 272, up to a record in Beijing, Tianjin Lotus Hill, Tianjin Panshan ski resort with 166 scenic spots such as Shijiazhuang, wuyuezhai national Forest Park Hebei 96 scenic spots, including scenic area marine museum, zoo, Forest Park, museum, hot spring water world, ski snow park, a large playground, children's Museum, cultural performances, happy farm, barbecue buffet and other tourism.

Part of the Beijing scenic venues in December 1, 2018 can use travel ticket approach. The public can through double Sau Park, International Sculpture Park, world flower garden, Beijing Exhibition Theatre, Mei Lanfang theatre, theatre, red sandalwood Museum and other places flyover buy the site, but also by, the official micro shop mall, Jingdong or call the hotline for travel ticket.

Editor Tu Lu Fang

Reporter Pan Fuda

Source: Beijing daily client

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