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In the fair opened on the first day Chinese museum the most popular model of C919 and the number of high-profile revival

2018-11-06 15:38 beijing evening news TF008

"How much is the price of mineral water...... Water, how to calculate a freight container......" Yesterday, held in Shanghai International Expo opening Chinese import. The eight exhibition hall lively, visit the buyers, foreign enterprises exhibitors busy sit no time.

7 walked into the hall, the reporter saw, promote the major exhibitors, small forum are carried out simultaneously, from all over the country in various equipment procurement missions to linger. PHILPS, Johnson...... Beijing medical equipment and medical supplies trading group walked home from one to another. Hall 2, high-grade vehicles all off the car clothing debut, attracting buyers eyes.

The Chinese experience driving revival No.

In all the exhibition hall, the most attractive is the hall 5 two storey pavilion.

The blue Pacific island country area, the characteristics of the food and commodities has attracted a number of procurement team.

The unique statue in front of the Egyptian Pavilion, the Museum of Belarus heavy machinery exhibition, the Canada Pavilion maple leaf...... All the people were impressed.

The number of visitors to the largest number of China Museum. On the north side of the pavilion wrote: Chinese theme Innovation Zone has a long history and culture, the land area of about 9 million 600 thousand square kilometers, a population of nearly 1 billion 400 million, is the world's second largest economy and the second largest consumer market...... In the new era, new development concept, China economy will be a new level, continue to be the main source of stabilizer and the growth of the world economy, make major new contribution to promoting world peace and development.

C919 large aircraft, the revival of EMU model no....... Especially the EMU running simulator has attracted many visitors a try, driving experience to run around the country in the renaissance.

Department of orthopedics, Beijing high tech Intelligent Robot Exhibition

A central area of innovation, intelligent robots are doing surgery in Department of orthopedics.

Staff Xu Ziang introduced: This is a professional R & D in the Department of orthopedics surgery robot Beijing tianzhihang medical innovation Polytron Technologies Inc developed the third generation products - DNT Department of orthopedics operation robot, is the only one that can carry out the limbs, pelvis and neck, thoracic, lumbar and sacral spinal segmental surgical department of orthopedics surgery robot system, fill the cervical vertebra the international space robot surgery. Dnt assisted surgery, accuracy and indications ranked first in the world, the clinical accuracy of 0.8 mm, intraoperative radiation is less than 70%, the operation efficiency is improved by more than 20%, with less bleeding, small trauma clinical significant advantages.

As of 2018 October, has been in more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China, more than 40 hospitals to achieve routine clinical application and development of robot assisted surgery nearly 5000 cases, first Department of orthopedics surgical robot application in two hospitals, promote the intelligent, minimally invasive surgery in China's popularization. This product has applied in Beijing Ji Shui Tan Hospital, 301 Hospital and other hospitals. This product will be brought into the Expo, mainly display China, display high-tech power in Beijing.

The procurement team and exhibitors are busy

Food and agricultural products exhibition hall No. 8 very lively: procurement team and individual buyers, the taste of food in a continuous line, business negotiations, a exhibitors from Japan also set up the "delicacy festival"......

Reporters saw at the exhibition, Chia Tai Group, representatives from the Yunnan trade delegation is in talks to purchase a detail, promotion staff price and characteristics of various types of agricultural products to the purchaser. The staff, the first Chinese International Import Expo, Zhengda Group brought including food, aquatic products, vegetables and fruits and other wide range of agricultural products, is expected to contract volume at least several billion.

"The only aquatic products, there are 1 billion yuan of orders!" When it comes to the Beijing market, the staff said, like shrimp wonton is the people of Beijing love products. "We are from 3 in the afternoon opening, more than 3 hours had stopped, to talk about business too much."

The reporters found that in the first day of the Expo, there are a lot of Zhengda Group busy exhibitors......


Source: Beijing Evening News correspondent Long Luwen.

Editor: tf008

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